Reminder July 28th TT course is Grafton to Centreton

New for 2015 we decided to incorporate a couple TT nights where we add a little more elevation to give the climbers a little more chance against the power riders.  Next weeks TT (July 28th) will incorporate a little more uphill and travel from Grafton to Centreton on Lyle street. This 10km course has 200m of climbing but is still fast and flat in sections.  Its not a short pure Hill Climb TT like we have had in the past,  but a Hilly TT similar in nature to the Kevin Raper 50k TT terrain.  Come on out and embrace the beautiful rolling country side we have that many people in the flat lands only dream about riding.

JULY 28 – Lyle Street Grafton 15Km Hilly TT (6:30pm)
Start location: Bottom of Lyle Street hill just north of highway 2.
Route: Grafton Lyle Street Course
Parking: Car park south of 401 on Lyle Street.

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