News from the AGM : Your 2021 Board Of Directors + Henri Joachim Award Winner

On Sunday, November 29th , we hosted the first ever Covid-19 version of our annual AGM and Awards Ceremony. A small, socially distanced group of Directors and Members gathered under the Lions- Lioness Pavilion at Victoria Park in Cobourg. We had glorious weather for a late November day. A few members arrived on fat bike for the occasion, likely the first time the Club has had Fat Bikes at it’s AGM! Delicious treats and warm drinks were provided. Our By-Laws require 10% attendance to achieve Quorum which was meet by the 8 people in attendance.

The AGM sees the changeover of the Board for the upcoming year. Please welcome your newly assembled Board Of Directors for 2021:

President : Raff Melito

Vice President: Scott Sexsmith

Treasurer: Jo-Anne Magne

Secretary: Harold Kuschnik

Past President: Dave Singfield

Members At Large: James Barnes, Glenn Finlay, Corey Watts

We’d like to thank all the outgoing Board Members who helped this Club transition and navigate through a particularly challenging year for our sport. Many thanks to Greg Cushing, outgoing President, for the many years of dedicated service to this Club. Thanks to Janet Baitley for all her work as Treasurer, keeping us balanced to the penny. A fond farewell to Members At Large Brent Aquino, Pete Hennessy and Roberto Almeida. We look forward to seeing you all out on the bike for the 2021 season!

The last order of business at the AGM was presentation of the prestigious Henri Joachim Sportsman Of The Year Award. Each year, this trophy in Henri’s name, is awarded to acknowledge a club member for their contribution to the Club in a given year. This year’s winner is also the club’s new President for 2021!

Congrats to Raff Melito for winning the Henri Joachim Sportsman Of The Year Award for 2020!

Stay tuned to your email and the club social channels for exciting challenges planned for the winter months to keep us motivated and active. Let’s stay connected!

Reminder: AGM Tomorrow!

Our AGM is tomorrow, Sunday November 29th 2pm at the Lions / Lioness Pavilion in Victoria Park, Cobourg. This is an outdoor meeting, please bring a chair, maybe a blanket to keep warm and a reusable mug if you’d like to enjoy some coffee or hot chocolate.

We look forward to seeing you there!

AGM Sunday November 29th, 2pm: See you there!

Come join your Board of Directors this coming Sunday November 29th at 2pm for our AGM. We’ll be reviewing the year that was and introduce you to your new Board Of Directors. The winner of the prestigious Henri Joachim Award will also be revealed. We’re meeting outdoors at the Lions-Lioness Pavilion in Victoria Park, Cobourg. Warm drinks and light snacks will be provided, but please bring your own chair and maybe a blanket to help stay warm.

Want to share thoughts/ feedback with the Board? Want to help make the 2021 season awesome? The AGM is a great place to meet and chat about things. Register via CycleClubApp for attendance.

Agenda and 2019 AGM Minutes will be emailed to Members before Sunday. Printed copies will be made available for all Members registered via CycleClubApp.

Lions-Lioness Pavillion shown as “Covered Picnic Area” on the map above.

Nominations, Awards and AGM

The deadline is soon approaching to get in your nominations for the prestigious Henri Joachim Award, or submit your name for consideration for the 2021 Board Of Directors. Deadline for submissions is November 15th, 2020. We are currently accepting names for the following roles:


Vice President



4 Members At Large

Email with your nominations for the Board Of Directors. Email with your nominations for the Henri Joachim Award. Not sure what the Henri Joachim Award is for? Read about it here :

Our AGM is schedule for November 29th, 2020 2pm at the Lions-Lioness Pavillion in Victoria Park in Cobourg. Details and pre-registration required via the CycleClubApp. Your current Board looks forward to seeing you there!

Wanna Run For The Board???

person dropping paper on box

This is the official call for submissions to run for the Board Of Directors! For the 2021 Season, we have the following positions accepting candidates and nominations:





4 Member At Large Positions

Volunteering for the Board is a great way to give back to the Cycling Club. It’s also a great way to have a voice in shaping the direction of the Club. Collaborating with like minded individuals toward a common goal can be very rewarding, so throw your hat in the ring for 2021!

Our AGM has been scheduled for November 29th, 2pm at the Lions-Lioness Pavillion at Victoria Park in Cobourg. Head on over to the Cycle Club App to reserve your spot. Attendance will be limited as per Provincial restrictions on gathering size.

Send in your name and the role you are interested in running for to by November 15th, 2020.

Henri Joachim Award Nominations

The Club’s most prestigious trophy is the Henri Joachim Award (formerly know as the Sportsman Of The Year Award). For those that are not familiar with the name, Henri Joachim founded the Cobourg Cycling Club back in 1972 along with Andre Cabardos, Jim McLlwhan, and John Kanen.
Each year, this trophy in Henri’s name, is awarded to acknowledge a club member for their contribution to the Club in a given year.

Here’s your chance to put someone’s name forward to be honoured by this Trophy. Any Club Member can make a nomination and is eligible to be nominated. Who would be a good candidate to put forward??? Anyone who in your mind has made an effort towards upholding the Club’s Mission of “Bringing A Community Together Through Cycling” would be a good person to nominate. Someone who champions or promotes the club. A person who is always there when needed. Maybe there’s a Ride Leader you’d like to acknowledge for their efforts. Once that name, or names, come to you please email the current Holder Of The Trophy- James Barnes at by November 15th.

Stay tuned in the coming days for a post about our upcoming AGM and election of new Board Of Directors!

A Note From Prez Greg

asphalt autumn beauty colorful

Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Cycling Enthusiasts,

On this holiday Monday, The Cobourg Cycling Club is hosting is official last Club ride! Come bid the 2020 riding season so long! What a year it has been for all of us from many angles.

At this time, I would like to remind you of all the wonderful things we have. We live in the greatest country in the world and we tend to take this luxury for granted. So, here is your opportunity to soak it up, sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Brighton area has a plethora of excellent roads and routes for cycling. If you have only ridden in the west end of Northumberland County, I urge you to explore east. Joanne has selected some of my favourite roads on her route. A little bit of flat and a little bit of roll.

If you love autumn rides like I do, then you will enjoy getting out to this ride.

I wish you all a safe and happy long weekend with load of tailwinds and downhills.

Your Prez,

Greg Cushing

End Of Season Ride: Monday, October 12, 2020

Join us this holiday Monday as we wrap out the cycling season with a picturesque ride around Brighton that includes a loop through Presqu’ile. The CCC has traditionally held an end of season ride around the park, but this year we had our resident Brighton-ian Jo-Anne put together a scenic 75K route around the area the include all her favourite roads and not too many climbs. We’ll start in the morning from Brighton Bay and have everyone back home in Cobourg for their Turkey dinners. Sign up via Cycle Club App to hop on board.

Meeting Place: 108 Shoal Point Road, Carrying Place

Start Time : 10am

Ride Leader: Jo-Anne Magne

Route Map:

Hope to see you there!

Weekend Social Ride ‘Rail Trail and Ale’ October 4th, 2020

When? Sunday October 4th, 10am

Where? The Lang Hastings Rail Trail. Starting in Hastings, heading to the Ashburnham Ale House in Peterborough for some mid ride refreshments. Meeting place is the Marina parking lot on the west side of Bridge Street South near Banjo’s Grill.

Why? This will be a social ride at a leisurely pace. Fall colours, scenery, gabbing and laughing will take precedence over speed. The trails are spectacular at this time of year with the changing colours. If you haven’t been on one of the trails in the area, they are a treat.

With Who? Ride Leader is James Barnes. Come join us! The more the merrier.

How Far? The return trip is about 70kms and is relatively flat.

I don’t have a gravel bike, can I still come? A road bike with wider tires (28mm or wider) can work well on these trails, they are well groomed.

Need a lift to the start? Let us know and we’ll try to connect you with someone driving up.

Don’t forget to register via Cycle Club App for this fun and social ride!

Safety Reminder Tips from Prez Greg

Hi Everyone,

As we all have taken note, the outdoor cycling season is beginning to wind down. Less fair weather and shorter days are yielding to more powerful forces! However, there is still plenty of good riding to be had before it becomes unbearable. Here are some Safety Tips that are handy at any time, but even more applicable during the change of the seasons:

  • 1. Always remember that we do share the roads with other vehicles. Where I am going with this is that we need to show respect in order to get respect. When you are group riding, keep the group formation as tight as possible. Self -Preservation must come first!
  • 2. Road hazards like potholes, soft shoulders, and debris “allow” us some liberal use of space but always check that the road is clear before changing your line to make sure it is safe to do so. Ideally, stay off the busier area routes as often as possible.
  • 3. This is a great time of year for gravel road riding. Now that you have gravel road riding to add to your ride blend, you can literally travel for hours unimpeded by autos.
  • 4. Light changes mean staying visible too, so keep that in mind. Wear light coloured jerseys and vests to ensure a little extra visibility.
  • 5. Despite being cool, dark glasses might not be the best choice right now for shadowed roads.
  • 6. LIGHTS! Lights are mandatory 30 minutes before sunset so make sure you have working lights on your bike if you plan to ride in the evenings. The light is dropping fast these days. 

Stay tuned to this site for more, as I plan on offering some tips to get you through the off season.

Ride Safely,

Prez G

sportsman riding bicycle on road in countryside

Ride Nites- September 14-19, 2020

This week we say good-bye to our Monday Night Skills. Big Thanks to our ride leading team Brent + Janet for a great series this season. We had some exhilarating rides and learned quite a bit about group ride formation, and keeping calm while cornering at speed. Thanks also to all those that came out to these rides!

Wednesday, September 16th, 5:30pm

Daylight is dwindling on us but we can still get a bit of a ride in on a weeknight. This week, we’ll start a bit earlier and cut our Vernonville Express Route a bit short so we can get back before sunset. BRING YOUR LIGHTS! This is likely the last weeknight group ride of the season, so don’t miss this one!

Meeting Info: 5:30pm Donegan Park

Ride Leader: Raff Melito

Route Map:

The weeknight rides might be coming to a close, but gravel season is just beginning! Keep an eye out on our social channels for off road adventures in the coming weeks!

Our Final Meet the BoD Q+A: Raff Melito, Communications Director

And here we are, concluding our Meet the BoD Q+A series just as we feel that change in the air and weeknight rides begin to taper off. As Communications Director for the Club, Raff is responsible for developing and editing content for social channels, corresponding on the club’s behalf, and posting all our rides. Liaising with Ride Leaders, the Comms Director makes sure what is posted is accurate in terms of route, pace expectation and any requirements that participants need to know about. All that, and there is still time for bike riding! Read on to find out a little bit more about the person behind all this writing you’ve been reading:

1. How many years have you been cycling?

I started cycling in 2017 when I traded my CCM cruiser for a Cervelo. My partner and I had recently moved to the area and thought joining a cycling club would be a good way to get to know the area and meet people. I had no idea what we were getting into! I showed up to my first group ride wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, a pair of Keds and an argyle Nutcase helmet on my brand new shiny Cervelo. Needless to say my appearance raised a few eyebrows!

2. What is a highlight from your years of cycling?

So many highlights! In the forefront are the incredible friendships and connections I have made in this global community. It’s amazing how open and inviting people are when you have the common interest of bike riding- I had no idea!

As for milestones, I’d say my first 100k ride which was for Bike Up Northumberland in 2017 was up there. Riding my bike for 100kms was unimaginable to me when I first got my bike, so to achieve that distance after riding for only 4 months felt pretty great. Recently, completing the Reggie Shiny Rivet event alongside my teammates on Team Gal Pals was a feat of epic proportions. 165k on mixed terrain (not my forte!) over some serious elevation (2300m) on a really hot and windy day. I was shaking in my booties at the start, but we finished upright and smiling and only slightly covered in mud. I’ll never forget that day and the support we gave each other as a team, and all the support we received from friends and partners!

3A. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club?

I like that this club has such an experienced and diverse Board and membership base. It’s a club you can learn from. This club is helping me become a stronger cyclist with better bike handling and group riding skills. I am also expanding my repertoire of expletives thanks to the TTs. 🤬😁Just kidding!! 😂

3B. As a Board Member what do you hope to achieve this year?

My goal as a Board Member this year was to bring back Women’s Rides- Check Mark! ✅😁 Working on an updated Mission Statement was also a goal achieved as a team. Streamlining the club’s social channels is a work in progress.

4. Any goals for the 2020 cycling season?

The measurable goal of 5000k has been reached, so that target will get an increase. The less tangible goal is to work on, and work with mindset. I am continually working on pushing my limits and it’s at those moments that you realize what an impact mindset can have on you and your achievements. Believe you can and you will. Believe you can’t and you won’t. Sounds easy enough, but it can be challenging to quiet the doubts and turn those negative thoughts to positive.

5. Roadie or Off Roadie?

Roadie + Gravel Newbie!

6. Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks?

Team High Socks most of the time.

7. Espresso or Americano?

Depends. Espresso pre-TT- it helped me PB more than once! Americano when there’s time to linger.

8. What club rides can we find you on?

You’ll find me in the B Group at Monday Night Skills, at the end of the line for TTs, most Wednesday Group Rides, an occasional Dirty Thursday (I’m tired by the time Thursday rolls around!), and leading WOW Women’s Fridays every other week.

Team Gal Pals at the end of the Shiny Rivet Event, August 2020. L to R: Eileen Sheppard, Joanne Magne, Raff Melito and Sharon Lynn-Weese.

And this here concludes our series of Meet The BoD Q+A. We hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about our extensive Board of Directors, we’re quite a varied bunch! We also hope you learned a little more about the roles and work involved in running a cycling club. Awesome things can happen when you get a group of people working together towards a common goal. See you out on two wheels!! 🚴🏻🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️💨💨💨

Meet The BoD Q+A, Glenn Finlay

Happy day after the long weekend! Hope you got in some great rides on those sunny, warm days we had. Today we return to our Meet The BoD Q+A series where we meet Glenn Finlay. Glenn is an avid mountain biker and off-road enthusiast. As a Member At Large, Glenn acts as Liaison between the Club and the County regarding Northumberland Forest. Glenn also keeps us up to date on all things Road Construction related that may affect our routes. Ok, let’s hear more from him directly!

1. How many years have you been cycling?

I started mountain biking a lot with my sons probably 15 years ago. For road riding, James Barnes helped me in 2012 prepare for a 2 day charity ride. Lent me a bike for the summer and rode with me to get some seat time.

2. What is a highlight from your years of cycling?

I read about Sedona Arizona in a mountain bike magazine, then booked 3 days there with my sons. That was my first traveling bike trip. On the road, would be the charity ride Montreal to Quebec City.

3. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club?

The best part is the people you meet with common interests.

4. Any goals for the 2020 Cycling Season?

My goals have been scaled back, but I did manage to get my son back out on the trails.

5. Roadie or Off Roadie?

Off Roadie for sure!

6. Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks?

Short as possible.

7. Espresso or Americano?


8. What club rides can we find you on?

Dirty Thursdays for sure. I’ll be back to TTs next year.

Thanks for this Glenn! And thanks for all you do for the club! See you out on the gravel and trails!

Time Trial and Road Riding Safety

Happy Labour Day Weekend Everyone,

Please be safe out there while riding. Many drivers seem to be more distracted than usual and this creates a real hazard for us as cyclists.

Saturday morning the Hamilton CCC held one of their monthly 40 km ITT events (which are really good training BTW). One HCC member was forced off the road by an automobile overtaking another auto. The cyclist hit gravel shoulder but wiped out hard and spent the night in hospital!

I cannot emphasize enough the need to be aware of where you are at all times.

We have a fantastic network of roads which allows us to avoid major arteries in the area. Pick a route that supports this and then keep your spidey senses alert.

Next weekend the Cobourg CC will hold a similar long-distance ITT event. When you are training/riding, alone or with others, when you are taking part in any “event”, take care to know where you are. Don’t just blindly throw a leg over the bike and pedal along madly and blindly.

So, on the road, think of things that way, we all have a place.

How badly do you need to be right?

If we can avoid a conflict with a car, everyone, in particular each of us, will be far better off.

Please enjoy your riding but do so with the idea of self-preservation in mind.

Rubber side down.

Your Prez, Greg

person riding road bike on the road

Ride Schedule September 7- 13th

Monday Night Skills 5:30 pm
At the Diamond Head Industrial Park. (Home of some of our sponsors.)

Wednesday Group ride 5:30 pm
The Classic Wednesday night group ride.

Kevin Raper 40 and 20 km TT Sunday 10:00 am
Shelter Valley Road and County Road #2

Don’t forget to use the Cycleclub app to sign in.

*** Also***
Don’t forget to sign up for the Kevin Raper Time trial.
Entries close at 9:00 pm on September 11. The earlier participants sign up the easier the seeding process will be.
40 or 20 km the choice is up to you. Head down and hammer down or just a chance to get a good effort down. Shelter Valley rarely fails to make an impression. The downhill is well worth the uphill.

MASS Environmental Services Inc.
Lumeneering Innovations

Kevin Raper TT 2020: Shelter Valley Course 20k or 40k, September 13th, 2020

Note to Club members and the general ridership from President Greg:

Look, everyone is doing or has done this “Epic Ride Thing” since COVID struck us. That is all well and good but I have a REAL challenge for YOU!

Every year the CCC holds the Kevin Raper Event, which honours the memory and efforts of a good person. Kevin was a great supporter of our Youth riders, mentoring them and helping them achieve their race goals. 

Make your own mark and set your own goals. Test yourself on this challenging course! Riding a 15 km ITT is like having your temperature taken. You get an idea of what you are capable of doing and making some assumptions on those results.

Well, let’s see you meet your own challenge – ride the 20k or 40 Km ITT on Shelter Valley Road in honour of Mr. Raper. I have done lots of training on this road and many time trials. It is a true time trial road in that it is never easy but also never insurmountable. It is my favourite course we do/have done with the Club because it is a real out and back loop. That it rolls up on the way out and rolls down on the way back just adds to the carrot we chase.

Can you break an hour for 40 km??

That is an “Old School” number that was sought riding Eddy Merckx style. In those days, there were no aero rims, no aero helmets, no skin suits and no aero tt bike!

Those “Old School” riders used guts, stamina and will power to meet their goals.

Besides Merckx and Jacques Anquetil, Beryl Burton is among my favourite TT personalities – read about her and you will be amazed. Ms. Burton humbled many a male rider in her day – she was rock star!

Support the Club, support one another and come out to the Kevin Raper Event. $5 registration fee for Members, $10 for Non-Members with a Valid OCA Licence. Register via CycleClubApp or email to Only 22 spots are available, don’t delay!

Good Luck!


Route Map: 40K

Start Time : 10am

Meeting Place: South end of Shelter Valley Road and Hwy 2, Grafton ON

1989: The passing of club member Kevin Raper is mourned by the Cobourg Cycling Club.

Meet The BoD Q+A: Harold Kuschnik, Secretary

Hi hi Everyone! Yes, it’s true, we are back with another instalment of Meet The BoD. Today we chat with Harold Kuschnik, our Secretary who keeps some pretty great Meeting Minutes, making sure they are accurate and reflective of not only the discussion, but the tone of our gatherings. Not an easy task! As you will learn below, Harold has a long history with the sport of cycling as well running and Tri. Harold took 1st in his AG at this year’s Frigid 10K, he’s one speedy fellow! Read on to learn more about Harold:

1. How many years have you been cycling?

I’ve biked on & off for around 45 years. Its been an evolution of sorts – commuter for school & work (Brockville, Toronto, St. Catherines & Port Hope), and triathlon (since 1990) & more recently club riding/racing (about 12 years with CCC).

2.What is a highlight from your years of cycling?

Actually 2 highlights, both In 2017: I won the CCC Racer of Year award for most improved TT time, and also competed for Team Canada at the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Rotterdam.

3. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club?

The camaraderie & support whether someone is a newbie or veteran. There’s always someone to chat with, share some good ideas with, and who is motivational for improvements in one’s riding (ie mentoring & coaching).

4.Any goals for the 2020 Cycling Season?

To make the best out of a challenging year. Being Secretary gives me a chance to give back, learn more about the sport & keep my admin skills up to speed.

5.Roadie or Off Roadie?


6.Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks?

The colder the weather the higher the sock, the warmer the weather …

7.Espresso or Americano?

Americano SVP.

8.What club rides can we find you on?

Tue TT & Wed Group Ride, though I’m on an extended hiatus – no club riding due to injury in 2019.

Thanks for sharing Harold! Hope to see you back out group riding next season!

Meet the BoD Q+A : Roberto Almeida

Roberto has been a member of the CCC since 2018. He is currently leading Training for the club.

1.How many years have you been cycling?

Started in 1986 after watching Steve Bauer ride in the tour. Unfortunately many other sports got in the way so I took a long hiatus until 2012. Got back in the saddle after watching Ryder Hesjedal win the Giro D’Italia. All history now.

2. What is a highlight from your years of cycling?

First century ride in 2013, becoming a CAN BIKE Certified Instructor in 2016.

3. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club?

Maintaining the long history of the CCC. How many club can say they have been around since 1972?? Not too many that’s for sure. Helping to increase the membership base so more people can enjoy the club’s roster of rides. The awesome people in the club make it a wonderful experience.

4. Any goals for the 2020 cycling season?

Ride another 5,000k this year. Not easy when you work full time.

5. Roadie vs. Off Roadie?

200% Roadie

6. Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks?

Both- depending on the weather. I don’t like being cold!

7. Espresso or Americano?


8. What club rides can we find you on?

Skills night and Wednesday mostly.

CCC Ride Nights: August 31st-Sept 4th, 2020

The last days of August, the start of September, wow, how did that happen?? We still have a full week of riding for you which is great news. Whether you want to improve your bike handling skills, ride off road, group ride or test your fitness, there is something on the calendar for you! Also, the date for the Kevin Raper TT is set for September 13th. Save the date and wait for more details!

Monday, August 31st 6:00pm : Skills Night

Monday Night Skills is a 1 hour ride where we work on Bike Handling Skills. Last week we continued to work on finessing our echelon, pace-line and cornering skills in two speed groups. We plan to do the same thing again this week with enough participants.

All members welcome, this is a great night for riders of all levels to learn or brush up on their skills. Don’t miss it!⁠ All that is required is a road bike in good working order, helmet and water bottles.

Ride Leader : Brent Aquino

Meeting Details: 6:00pm start, Diamond Head Industrial Mall (the Old Coke Plant) located at 210 Willmott Street.

Tuesday, September 1st 6:30pm : Tuesday TT

Are you ready to race against the clock?? Due to changes to OCA regulations, we will have our fastest leave first and slowest leave last. Not sure where you are are in the slowest to fastest? Our TT Team will assign start times based on your historical times. If this is your first TT with our Club, you will be placed towards the end until you have established a time on this course. TT will only run if we have minimum 4 participants so sign up today! Deadline for registration is 8pm Monday evening.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pre-Registration via CycleClubApp is required for participation. You will not be permitted to ride if you show up at the start without having pre-registered.

Don’t have the app? Download it today at, the Apple Store or Google Play and get set up. Not sure what a TT is or how to prepare for one? Be sure to read Coach Greg’s TT 101 article available here:

Ride Leader : Dave Singfield

Meeting Place: Hwy 2 and Normar Road – Please wait to the side of the road along Normar, keeping 2m distance between yourself and other riders.

Wednesday, September 2nd 5:30pm : Group Road Ride

NOTE THE EARLIER START TIME!!! With sunset coming earlier and earlier these days we are starting our ride at 5:30pm so we can get a good 50K in before we lose too much light. Please have working lights on your bike! We’ll do our Hunt For Hills route with a mod- going down Shelter Valley and then home along Lakeshore + Hwy 2: weeeeee!!!! This is an Intermediate (25kph+) no drop ride.

Signing up in advance of the ride is mandatory. If you are experiencing difficulty adding yourself to the event, leave a note in the Discussion section so the Ride Leader knows you are coming.

Ride Leader: JoAnne Magne

Meeting Info : 5:30 pm at St. Mary’s CSS, Northside parking area on Densmore

Route Map: Wednesday Hunt For Hills Modified

Thursday, September 3rd 6:00pm : Dirty Thursday

We had another great turnout to Dirty Thursday last week- Pete lead a great out and back route. This week, Jamie is leading a fun and dirty ride from Baltimore Arena. Don’t forget your Blinky Lights!

New to gravel? Curious about off road? Don’t hesitate to come out and give this a try. A gravel capable bike will be required. This No-Drop ride will have an anticipated average speed around 21-23kph.

Ride Leader: Jamie Barnes

Meeting Place: 6:00pm Baltimore Arena 23 Community Centre Road, Baltimore

Route Map:

See you out on two wheels!!