Rides for August 9-13th, 2021

A bit of a different week! We have TTs on Tuesday (the Archer’s Road 15km course), a group ride on Wednesday night out of Grafton, another Dirty Thursday, and a daytime destination long ride on Friday that has us exploring the County and includes a ride on the Glenora Ferry.

Which rides will you sign up for???

CCC Team for Ed’s House Hike, Bike + Bark Sat Sept 4th

We’ve created a Club Team for the Hike, Bike + Bark for Hospice Fundraiser for Ed’s House. On September 4th, 2021 we’ll lead a Club ride that ends at the BBQ for the finale of this 2 week event. Join the Team via the link below and make a donation to Ed’s House via Community Care Northumberland. Any current Member of the CCC is welcome to join the Team and Ride. Details for the ride will be posted in CycleClub App closer to our ride date.


Looking forward to being part of this community event!

This Week’s Agenda

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, what days will you ride?

Monday night we’re riding out of the Beagle Club parking lot up to Alderville and around for, you guessed it, another hilly adventure! This is a group road ride.

Tuesday Night is TT night. Sign up and come out to test yourself against the clock. Start is at Normar Road, course is the 15k Archer’s Road route. It’s as flat a route as we can get around here.

Wednesday will be another surprise route. Keep checking back on CycleClub App for more info on Wednesday’s ride.

Dirty Thursday is an easy MTB ride at Northumberland Forest. If you’re new to MTB or haven’t been out for a while, this is the ride for you.

We’ll soon be posting about the new CCC Caps that we are selling as well a local fundraising event we’ll have a CCC Team for. Keep your eyes open for news from us on this soon!

Rides, Rides, Rides!

Lots to choose from this week!

Monday Night we ride to Rice Lake, climbing all the hills to be rewarded with awesome downhills on Sully then Harwood Road.

Tuesday TTs will take place on the Archer’s Road route if we get enough members registered. We need 10 participants for a Go so get over to CycleClub App and put your name in. TTs are a great way to watch your progress over the season. If you haven’t tried one, get on the list and come out Tuesday night to try it out.

Wednesday, Jamie will lead us north and east of Cobourg for another tour around Eddystone.

Dirty Thursday will be single track in Northumberland Forest.This will be our first MTB of the season, come out and show your support if you want more of these rides to happen. Glenn, our off road expert will be leading.

Annnnnndddd maybe a Sunday Social Ride……… We’ll see if we can get one on the Calendar to celebrate the long weekend. All our rides are No Drop so don’t be shy to come out and join us.

What’s Happening This Week

Monday Night we’ll head up all the downhills north and east of Cobourg. 6:00pm start from Donegan Park on D’Arcy Street in Cobourg for 52kms of fun.

Wednesday Night we’ll have a group ride that starts somewhere and goes places. Head on over to CycleClub App to register and get more details when they are available.

Glenn is calling this week’s ride “Not So Dirty” Thursday. Go sign up on CycleClub App to get more details!

All rides are No Drop. Pre-Registration is required for participation in our Club Rides as per OCA guidelines. Looking forward to seeing you out sometime this week!

Mountain Biking 101: Glenn’s Top 10 Tips

Mountain biking is similar to gravel biking in the sense that you can do all the same routes although not with quite as much speed.  The wider tires and your more upright seating position are more stable but not quite as efficient. The benefit of both the wider tires and different seating positions are that they allow you to navigate rougher terrain which is great fun. Here are Glenn’s, our off road expert’s Top Tips for Beginners.

  1. When riding, position your body correctly. 
    1. The balls of your feet should be directly in front of the pedal axis. (This allows you to stay balanced when standing and also takes pressure off your Achilles and calf muscles)
    2. Your knees and arms should be slightly bent. Your centre of gravity should be above the bottom bracket, and relax your grip on the handlebars. You are now prepared to move around standing or sitting and stay in control.
    3. Keep your Back straight, index fingers on the brake levers.
  2. Start with easier trails to get comfortable with the feel of Mountain Biking. Increase the difficulty of the trail as you improve and gain confidence. 
  3. Try to keep your focus 10 to 15 ft on the trail ahead and practice remembering obstacles without looking down at them and then avoid or ride over them whichever is preferred. Stay focused on the trail. Obstacles such as raised rocks or cut off stumps can be anywhere.
  4. Pick a line through rough terrain  so you can be prepared for roots and rocks and hopefully stick to the plan.
  5.  Momentum is your friend when riding through rock gardens or rooty sections. Keep your weight rearward when navigating through this type of terrain to assist your front tire in climbing the obstacles.
  6.  Get out of the saddle to help maneuver. Use your legs to absorb impact and shift your weight to keep your balance.
  7.  Use front and back brakes simultaneously to slow without skidding the tires.  When braking on downhills, shift your weight to the back so the wheel doesn’t slide. Use front and back brakes simultaneously to slow without skidding the tires. Don’t use too much front brake or it will lock up sending you over the bars or off the trail (not fun!). 
  8. 7. Shift into the correct gear. The most efficient cadence is 90 rpm. Spinning quicker is more efficient with traction. Shift into a harder gear if trying to navigate sand to power through it.
  9. If you are enjoying riding so far: practice, practice, practice. The more comfortable you are on the bike the more fun you will have. YouTube videos are great for learning techniques and fun to watch.
  10. Most importantly, Have Fun! Don’t push yourself too hard but you can set goals like pacing yourself so you don’t have to stop to rest or completing a section of trail without having to put your foot down. The less pressure you put on yourself, the more fun you will have.

Alright, are you ready to shred?? Keep an eye our for our Dirty Thursday nights where we’ll hit the trails at Northumberland Forest!

Do You Want To Time Trial?

Time Trials have always been a big part of this Club, and we’d love to get them back on the calendar for the rest of the season. In order for us to get our volunteers ready and poised for action, we need 10 participants to confirm. Head on over to CycleClub App and sign up so we can get these exciting nights back on the Club Calendar.

Tuesday Nights, 6:30 pm start at the corner of Normar Road and Hwy 2 for 15kms of some fine suffering.

Haven’t Time Trialed before, have no idea what this all about and why people wear onesies and crazy looking helmets? Read former Club President Greg Cushing’s TT 101 article here to learn more : http://cobourgcyclingclub.com/2020/tt-101-with-coach-greg/

This Week’s Rides

This week’s rides are posted on CycleClub App. We have a Monday Nighter which is a recovery ride this week riding out of Cobourg. Wednesday we’ll head over to Port Hope and ride some quiet country roads and climb a few punchy climbs. Thursday we’ll try last week’s rained out route. Don’t miss out!!

Head on over to CycleClub App and save your spot! Having trouble getting connected to CycleClub App? Reach out to their Tech Support or let us know and we’ll do our best to get you setup. Not a member yet? What are you waiting for??? Sign up today via this link : https://cobourgcyclingclub.com/join/

Are you watching the Tour?! Shout out to Canadian Michael Woods who’s wearing the Polka Dot Jersey, only the 2nd Canadian to wear it in the history of the Tour. That AND we might be looking at a new record for Stage wins?!?! Wow, what an exciting year!!

See you on the road!

Sunday Social Ride

We’ve posted a Sunday Social Ride for this coming Sunday July 11th. This ride starts in Napanee and tours around Lennox Addington County. At 108kms in length, we’ll have lots of time to chat.

Lennox Addington County is quiet and scenic, an all around lovely place to ride. Not too hilly, this ride would make a great option for those looking for a long ride that won’t tear your legs off. Party pace is expected: conversational and enjoyable.

Hope you can make it out!

Dirty-ish Thursday

This week’s Dirty-ish Thursday is posted! Get those gravel wheels on your bike and go ride this classic Northumberland County Gravel route. Glenn, our Ride Host, has altered the route a bit to take out some of the deeper sandy sections. So, if you’ve been a bit gravel shy in the past, this would be the ride to try. Head on over to CycleClubApp to reserve your spot!

Cobourg Cycling Club History Part 1

Did you know that the Cobourg Cycling Club is one of the oldest cycling clubs in Canada??? We’re coming close to our 50 year anniversary! There are some people around who remember who started the club, when and why so we asked one of them to jot down some tidbits so we can all know more about how this Club came to be. Our very own Past President, Dave Singfield has set upon this task. Here’s instalment 1 of The History Of The Cobourg Cycling Club.

The Cobourg Cycling club letterhead has always stated that the club was founded
in 1972, however a search of many old documents show that the club officially
joined the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) in 1974. The letter font (Some old
English text?) was the font used for the name of the Cobourg Daily Star newspaper.

The club was originally formed by 4 people:

Andre Cabardos, Henri Joachim, John Kanen + Jim McLlwhan

However we have it on good authority that the wives and the rest of the families were very much involved in getting the club started.The club was active in all disciplines of cycling and was very family orientated.

The Club Jersey’s were wool, knitted mostly by the club women however we believe Henri also took to doing some knitting. The club chose the colours from the Cobourg Flag, which was very much the tradition back in 1960’s and 70’s. Just discovered that Vera McLlwhan and Henri’s wife Pam had a competition in knitting the panels for the sweaters and that Vera was a seamstress (trained in Scotland). This was confirmed in a telephone interview Jim Breckenridge had with Vera in November. Given her skill set she may have designed the first jerseys. 

Cobourg Town Flag on the Left, First CCC Club Jerseys centre and right.
Another example of Flag Colours being represented on Club Kits (Belgium shown here)

Dave would like to thank Jim Breckenridge and Yvonne Joachim for helping put some of this information together.

More Rides This Week

Wednesday night we’ll ride around Brighton. If you haven’t been around Brighton on your bike, you’re in for a treat.

If enough interest is shown for a Canada Day ride, we’ll ride the Short Nasty in reverse on Thursday.

What are you waiting for?! Go sign up for this week’s rides on CycleClub App!

Canada Day Dirty Thursday?

Canada Day. If enough people show interest by Wednesday we will ride. If not I will cancel the ride on Wednesday afternoon. Be sure to check back. The Nasty Backwards will seem to be a completely different course. The up hills have been smoothed. The downhills will take some concentration. Don’t forget to sign in on the Cycle Club app.

This Week’s Rides

This week’s rides are posted! Head on over to CycleClub App to register.

Monday night we’ll ride up some hills with a few tips and tricks shared by our Ride Host and VP Scott.

Wednesday sees a group ride with 2 pace groups. (Expect some hills on this route!!)

Dirty Thursday will be back, standby for details but get your fave off road bike ready for some action.

A weekend ride is also in the works, check back later in the week for news on that.

Not a Member yet? What are you waiting for?? Sign up today so you can join in this week’s rides.

Rides, Rides, Rides

We’ve got rides happening tonight and on Sunday. Tonight, it’s a Gravel Ride on The Short Nasty route (a Northumberland Classic), and Sunday we have a Party Pace Social Ride exploring the Trent Hills.

Head on over to CycleClub App to register for this week’s rides! Pre Registration is required for participation in our Group rides.

See you on two wheels!!