Trophy Returns


Would you please get your trophies back to Dave as soon as possible.


Jamie Barnes                    Henri Joachim Trophy

Harold Kuschnik            Racer of the year trophy

Ian McKelvey                 Best Novice Trophy

Jessica Fraser Thomas     Ladies Champion Trophy

Sharon Lynn-Weese       Woman Challenge(Kevin Raper)  Trophy

Bruce Raymer                 Pam Joachim Trophy  and Hill Climb Champion Trophy


Please phone Dave for arrangements for pick-up or bring them round to my house at

If you need Dave’s address or phone number, check your email, message either Dave or Jamie

AGM and Awards night

Dave has booked the Cat and Fiddle upstairs for December 7 2018.

Please mark your calendar accordingly. The details will follow but mark that Calendar as Date Taken.


History of the Kevin Raper Trophy



The Kevin Raper trophy was given to the club to commemorate the life of Kevin Raper.  A man who took many of the CCC younger riders under his wing.  Took them to races and helped them train.  He died of Cancer in 1990  He was about 35 years old ?????


From 1990 to 1999 the trophies were given to the Australian pursuit Champion from out Thursday night Australian pursuit races.


1990  Robert Naish

1991  a tie between Robert Naish and Danny Maggiacomo

1992  Danny Maggiacomo

1993  Peter Singfield

1994  Robert Naish

1995  Robert Naish

1996  Robert Naish

1997  Dave Singfield

1998  Robert Naish

1999  Stewart Syrett


We had to stop the Australian Pursuits in 2000 because a factory opened up that did a shift change at 7.00 pm and the traffic was too heavy for us to continue.


In 2005 it was decided to resurrect the trophy as a hilly time trial.


          2005  Peter Philips  On the Warkworth/Morganston/Castleton/Centerton/Burnley/Oak Hills/ Warkworth course starting at the top of the hill outside Warkworth, finishing on Cemetery Hill.for a 48Km ride   1- Hr 16 Min 37 secs.

         2006  Peter Philips on the above course but doing a full lap start and finish on Cemetery Hill.  50- Km   1Hr 17 mins 34 secs

          2007  Peter Philips – same course but shortened due to road works.  Started near Peters Woods and finished about 2 km short of start  48 Km   1Hr 19min 16 secs

          2008  Derek Harnden   Warkworth / Centerton/ Warkworth course Start Cemetery Hill    50- Km   1 Hr 25 min 11 secs

          2009  Sean Ouckama same course as above but starting and finishing at the high school in Castleton.  50-Km   1hr  23mins  47 secs

          2010  Greg Cushing   Castleton Start   50 Km     1 hr 17 mins  15 secs  

          2011  Chris Herten   Castleton Start   50 Km       1hr  25min  08 secs

          2012  Chris Herten  Course  2 25-Km laps as used Sunday but starting at Cemetery Hill  50 Km    1Hr 26min 52 secs

          2013  Chris Herten  same course as 2012    50km     1Hr 26min 55 secs

          2014  Brent Aquino same course as 2012 but started Oak Hills.    50Km  1Hr 20min 25 secs

          2015  Greg Cushing  same course as 2014     50 Km  1Hr 22min 40secs

          2016  Jamie Barnes  Oak Hills/Warkworth / Morganston / Covert Hill course starting at Oak Hills.  56Km  1Hr 51min 53secs

          2017  Graig Doucet  same course as 2016             56Km    1Hr 38min 30secs

          2017  Chris Herten  same course as 2015 (our standard course)    50Km     1Hr 21min 47 secs  



Women’s Race.  Held over one lap when we have used a two lap course.  Same as the men’s,


          2013  Kirsty Brown    25 Km            1Hr 01min 19secs

          2014  Janet Baitley     25 Km               51min 24 secs

          2015  Janet Baitley     25Km                47min 17 secs

          2016  Sharon Lynn-Weese   28Km       58min 30secs

          2017  Sharon Lynn-Weese  28Km     1 hr 03min 45secs

          2018  – No women entries this year.


I could stand corrected on any one of these pieces of information.  Let me know.


Dave Singfield

Kevin Raper may not go this year

The Kevin Raper TT may be cancelled this year.

Only four, that is 4 people have let Dave know that they intend to participate. 

If you plan to ride let Dave know. 

Saturday evening I will add a post letting you know if anyone else has shown any interest.

2018 Kevin Raper TT

The annual Kevin Raper 50km +/- time trial is Sunday, Aug 19, 2018.  Although the trophy can only be won by the fastest CCC member, we’re encouraging anyone with an OCA license or those who are insured with the OCA as a competitive member to come to race so invite your friends to come to try out the fun!

When: Sunday, Aug 19, 2018. Racing starts at 10 am Rain or shine

Start Time: 10:00 am.  Get those legs warmed up for a great event.

Course: Kevin Raper Course. (Ride with GPS)

Kevin Raper Course. (Strava)

Where: Start/Finish Location Parking will be on the East side of Covert Hill Road.

How much: A fee of $10 for members and $15 for non-CCC but OCA affiliated riders. Pre-registration is required. ***Please arrive no later than 9:45 am to sign in***

Register: Please contact Dave Singfield at 905-372-6391 or email Dave Singfield to register or if you have any questions.

Kevin Raper TT

On August 19 we will once again be riding a very traditional club event.

The Kevin Raper TT. 

Road bike? Time trial bike? What bike are you going to ride.

If you plan to ride Please let Dave know as early as possible. The riders need to be seeded.

Take a look at the course and plan your strategy.

Bring your enthusiasm, Bring your legs, Bring water.

Kevin Raper Course.

CCC Tuesday Night Two Toonie Time Trial up

Our next time trial is your last chance for a Two Toonie Time Trial. 

It is also the CCC Hilly TT Grafton – Centreton

We will meet at the Carpool parking lot at Lyle St. and the 401. (The entrance to the MTO yard.)

The Course is 10k. Both TT bikes and road bikes do well on this course. Make your choice.

Sunset will be at 8:56 pm. That is lots of time to ride home. Good warm up and a good cool down.

See you there and don’t forget your extra Toonies. (or large check) for Max’s Big Ride to Defeat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy