Join The Club And Our New Challenge To Win!

Who doesn’t love a good Challenge? This year we are running some Challenges to keep you- our current Members, our soon-to-be-returning and our new Members motivated and riding. Time to get the trainer tire dust off your bike and get those wheels on the road, gravel, or trails!

Our first challenge is to Ride 250km Outdoors between today and June 10th.

HOW TO ENTER: If you are a current Member, make sure you are part of our CCC Strava Club. For those who don’t use Strava or are new Members, please track your KMs and email your results in when you have completed the challenge to

Your Prize for completing the Challenge is a good-looking CCC Mask!

You can register for your 2021 CCC Membership here:

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos and stories @cobourgcyclingclub when you’re out riding for this Challenge. Stay safe out there and we’ll be in touch soon!

Ride For Rebound Fundraiser

Looking for a cycling event that helps to support a great cause and a post Lockdown goal??? On May 29th consider joining a few CCC Members and other cycling enthusiasts from the area on this 115km ride from Campbellford to Port Hope raising funds and awareness for Rebound Child + Youth Services. What does Rebound do you ask? Rebound offers programs and services that encourage mental wellness and positive growth, counselling, skills building, and restorative practices to ensure that children and youth are supported to reach their fullest potential.

This Ride for Rebound initiative was created by Cobourg Chief of Police Paul VandeGraaf. CCC Club President Raff Melito and CCC Treasurer Joanne Magne will be 2 of 25 cyclists riding for Rebound. Sign up now while spots are still available!

Register for the event here :

Support Raff and/or Joanne by making a donation here:

About Rebound Child + Youth Services:

OCA Return To Sport Update And What It Means For The CCC

The OCA issued updated Return To Sport V.12 in response to the latest Emergency Brake Lockdown Measures announced by the Ford Government last week. You can read the details of the announcement here:

Your Board of Directors met last night and decided that it was safest to postpone the start of our ride calendar for a few weeks, until after the lockdown is lifted. Our original plan was to start on April 17th but now things are looking like a start in early May. We felt a few weeks delay was the better choice over risking the safety of our Membership.

In the meantime, ride outside, ride solo, ride with a vaccinated friend and get ready for a fantastic season of riding ahead. There is no shortage of Virtual Events taking place that you can participate in. Consider signing up for the #notP2A as a season starter gravel event. Pick your location, ride and then tell us all about it by tagging us in your Social posts @cobourgcyclingclub on IG and FB. These Virtual Events are not part of the official CCC calendar but they are great, fun events that you can choose to participate in. Support the events that you want to see return year after year!

See you on the road and trails soon! Stay Safe everyone!

Calling for Snow on Thursday, So Off To France We Go!

This week we’ll return to France, where we haven’t been since the early days of our Meetups. We’ll ride half of the Petit Boucle route which was part of the Virtual Tour De France. Our 30k distance should take us to the bottom of that great descent. Those that want to stay on past that can enjoy an attempt at the Aqueduc KOM and then hit the Pave Sprint.

Now that the weather is looking more favourable for outdoor riding, we’re going to change things up for our Meetups. We’ll choose the crappiest weather day between the Tuesday and Thursday. Outdoor riding will be starting in a few short weeks which will bring an end to our weekly Meetups, so sign up for your Membership and get ready to roll!

As a reminder, these rides are open to Members and Non Members alike. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift before 4pm on ride day to get added to the Meetup. Our rides are No Drop, and Meetup view only. Voice Chat via Discord for those who want to chat along the way. See/hear you there!

Ride On!

Busy Tomorrow Night? Want To Become a Ride Host for the CCC?

The OCA is hosting online Ride Leader/Ride Host Training tomorrow night via Zoom. If you are interested in becoming a Ride Host for the Club this season, sign up for this training. It’s free and very interesting. Here’s the link to register:

This course will cover:

  • Risk Management
  • Club Ride Guides
  • Safe Riding Practices
  • Ride Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Ride Leader Responsibilities
  • Troubleshooting Difficult Situations
  • Managing Groups of Different Ability Levels
  • In Person Ride Simulations (postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic)

Our Official Ride Season begins later in April. The more Ride Hosts we can get, the more rides we can have!

Thursday Night Meetup This Week

Do you like Everything Bagels? I like Everything Bagels. Question is, will we still like Everything Bagels after we ride the NYC Everything Bagel Route for this week’s Meetup?? Be prepared to climb the NYC KOM twice, with 2 short sprints along the way just to spice things up.

We’re changing the date to Thursday this week as Tuesday looks like it might be good weather for an outdoor ride. We’ll rollout at 6:30pm as per usual. Voice Chat via Discord on the Riffraffles Server (CCC Meetup Chit Chat Channel). As a reminder, everyone is welcome to join these Meetups. We keep them No Drop with MeetUp view only. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente in order to be added to the Meetup. Do so before 4pm on Meetup day to give us time to add you in.

Outdoor rides will be starting up soon so we’ll only have 1 or 2 more Meetups this season. Speaking of outdoor rides, have you signed up for your 2021 CCC Membership yet????

Join Us On The Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop

We’re back to our regular Tuesday Night Zwift Meetup, roll out for 6:30pm. This time we tour the scenic, quite climb-y and mixed terrain route of the Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop in Watopia. The climb is quite steep and will likely produce some expletives, but the downhill is really really fun! Your regular road bike works fine on this loop, no need for the mountain bike.

As a reminder, anyone can participate in these Meetups. We keep them No Drop and have the route to ourselves. Friendly chit chat over on Discord for those looking for the camaraderie and support of suffering in a group. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift to be added to the week’s Meetup.

Have you signed up for 2021 Membership yet???? If not, don’t delay! Weeknight rides will be here before you know it.

Ride On!

2021 Membership: Updates and Ready To Roll

Hey hey everyone, the day has come! The CCC 2021 Membership link is live, loaded and ready to go. Woot Woot!

Membership for the club this year is $55, a slight increase over previous years. The decision to increase fees was not made lightly- our operating costs have increased and therefore need to be reflected in our Membership Fees. As promised last year, those Members who were in good standing last season will receive a coupon code for the cost of your 2020 Membership. Please email Corey Watts, our Membership Director at to receive your Discount Code. We hope that you will consider still paying your full Membership Fees for 2021 even if you qualify for the discount as it helps us keep the Club going. Every bit helps.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding our Ride Calendar for 2021. We have listened to your feedback and are pleased to be expanding our range of rides, aiming to have something for every day of the week with all types of riding from easy cruising, to gravel and mountain biking, to our trusty TTs and group road rides.

Did you see our post about needing Ride Hosts?? Consider stepping up to Host a ride or two that suits your schedule. No need to commit to a full season of weekly rides. Reach out to our Ride Co-ordinator Jamie Barnes if you’re interested and available to Host.

Sign Up for 2021 Membership here :!/events/cobourg-cycling-club-membership-2021

Spring is in the air! Looking forward to an exciting season ahead!

This Week’s Meetup Is Thursday Night

Change of plans for this week’s Meetup as your El Presidente has to attend something Presidential (Virtually, of course) on Tuesday evening.

This week we’ll return to France on the Tire-Bouchon route. We’ll do our usual 25K or so distance together then you can decide to stay on and finish this 60K route or get the heck off your bike and head for a refreshment and your foam roller. Your Beacon will likely choose the latter as all previous Meetup participants would guess! We’ll be voice chatting via Discord as per usual for anyone who wants to listen in or participate in the banter.

6:30pm roll out, Thursday March 11. Be there with your Bidon and road snacks, ready to give some Ride Ons!

As a reminder, these rides are open to anyone who wants to participate. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift to be added to the Meetup.

London Tonight!

Tonight we take our Zwift Meetup across the pond and over to London. Another 25k route, this time through London and up the infamous Box Hill Climb! Be ready to rollout for 6:30pm. Chit Chat via Discord always adds extra fun.

As a reminder, these rides are open to Members, Former Members, Soon To Be Members, Friends of Members, and really anyone who wants to join in. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift to be added to the Meetup. If you’ve participated in a previous Meetup, invites will be sent automatically each week.

Ride On!

Sign Up For Ride Leader Training!

More Ride Leaders means more rides, plain and simple. Your BoD has put together a pretty great and full schedule for the coming season (Official Announcements coming soon!) but we can only make it all happen if we have enough Ride Leaders volunteer. Want rides that suit your schedule? Become a Ride Leader! Itching to explore more gravel? Become a Ride Leader! (notice a theme here?! Lol)

Becoming a Ride Leader is easy- the OCA is hosting 3 Virtual Ride Leader Training Sessions, the first of which is coming up this weekend, a second in March and a 3rd in April.

  • Sunday February 28, 2021 at 10am
  • Monday March 29, 2021 at 6pm
  • Thursday April 08, 2021 at 6pm

The OCA page Ride Leader Course in the link will send you through CCN to sign in.

Maybe you will only lead one ride for the season. Maybe you will find your niche within the club and want to lead a weekly ride, the possibilities are endless! Sign up for the course, then reach out to us once completed and let us know what types of rides you’d like to lead.

We’re also mere days away from having our 2021 Membership up and ready to go. Exciting times around here!!

Meet Us In NYC Tomorrow Night

Tuesday Night’s Meetup will be at the usual 6:30pm roll out time. This time we’ll go to NYC and do the Mighty Metropolitan Route. This route has some nice rollers with the NYC KOM Reverse happening at the mid point. Those that have participated in some of our previous Meetups will receive an invite on Zwift Companion. Newcomers, please ask to follow RiffRaffles El Presidente [CCC] on Zwift to be added.

You don’t need to be a club member to join in on these rides, just a willingness to join in and have some real life fun alongside a virtual platform. Voice chat on Discord adds to the experience! Hope to see you there!

Ride On!

Tonight We Zwift!

Join us for 25k on Roule De Poule tonight for our weekly Zwift Meetup! We roll at 6:30pm. Chat via Discord for the full group ride experience, link available in the MeetUp Invite.

Message us on FB or IG @cobourgcyclingclub to be added to the ride. Great way to spend a snowy evening!

Ride On!

A Message From Your President: New Year, New Things

Hello Cycling Enthusiasts! Here we are, a bunch of weeks into a new year, and more weeks than that into our new Administration here at the CCC. Your Board Of Directors has been busy behind the scenes, meeting and discussing the year ahead. There’s good energy and lots of optimism that we can make the 2021 riding season memorable.

At our first Board Meeting of the year (A virtual one! A first for the Club!) we passed a Motion to adopt new Information Storage and Administration practices. The Club has adopted the Google Workspace for its email via Gmail, Drive function for Shared Document Storage, Google Photos for Image Storage, and Google Meet for our Virtual Meetings. We are fortunate enough to qualify for these services as a NonProfit. Changing to the Workspace will keep all the Club’s information under one roof and make succession between Boards a smoother transition.

We have also started a new weekly Zwift Meetup on Tuesday evenings that has been well attended, with lots of positive feedback from those that have participated. Don’t be shy to join us as we keep these virtual rides No Drop.

In the months to follow we will also changing and updating our website to a new platform. We’ll notify you when this change happens so you can go have a look and enter your email address for updates from the Club. Changes will also be a foot to our Social Platforms as well as we navigate away from a Facebook Group to a Facebook Page.

To stay in touch, “Like” our Facebook Page or follow us on IG @cobourgcyclingclub. Membership for 2021 will be available soon, keep your eyes peeled for that announcement!! Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Cheers from your President,

Raff (aka Riffraffles El Presidente [CCC] on Zwift)


A great Zwift ride last night at a spirited pace! A group of 13 CCC Zwifters came out to enjoy some desert scenery and camaraderie on Discord. The rubber band effect came into play for a few of us who slipped off the back of the lead group which was quite cool to see. RiffRaffles El Presidente went from Beacon to Sweep at several points on the course but managed to take 1st position on the Fuego Flats sprint. It maybe because she’s the only who noticed the start line, but hey take the wins as they come, right?? LOL.

Mark your Calendars for next Tuesday Night 6:30pm for our next Meetup. Don’t forget to follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift to be added to the event. Interested in hosting a Meetup on your fave route? Send us a message!

Our Next Meetup: Tues Feb 9th, 6:30pm

Tomorrow night we’ll ride around the Tempus Fugit route on Zwift. Desert scenery, flat and likely a whole heap of fun. 6:30pm is our ride time, join early so we can work out any kinks. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift to receive the MeetUp request. We’ll chat via Discord again on the CCC MeetUp Chit Chat Channel on RiffRaffles Server.

Fill up your water bottles, turn on those fans, crank the tunes and see you there! Woot!

So Much Fun!!

Well! Wasn’t that a bunch of fun?! Last night “RiffRaffles El Presidente” led a bunch of Zwifters around France and even enjoyed a Sprint or two along the way. We had a great turnout for our first CCC Meetup with 13 participants. Lots of friendly chatter happened over on Discord for those that joined in which adds to the Group Ride experience and feeling.

Missed out last night? Join us next week! Follow our social channels @cobourgcyclingclub on IG and FB for info and announcements.

Ride On!

Zwifting Tomorrow

Hey there all you Zwifters, we are ready to go with some Group Ride MeetUps starting tomorrow Tuesday February 2nd at 6:30pm. We’ll do 25k around France on the R.G.V Route. For anyone who wants to join in, follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift to be added to the MeetUp. We’ll Voice Chat via Discord for the real ride and suffer together experience.

This Meetup was made to Keep Everyone Together so theoretically we will stay banded if you keep pedalling but everyone works to their own effort. Please join the Meetup well ahead of the 6:30 start time so we can work out any glitches ahead of the start. Don’t forget to accept the Invitation to the MeetUp in the Companion App.

Hope to see you in France tomorrow evening!

Next Week We Zwift!

Wanna group ride or race??? Next week, the CCC Zwifts!

We’ll be making announcements on our Facebook Page (not the Group) and IG (@cobourgcyclingclub) so Like Us or Follow us to stay up to date with these Virtual Rides planned for the month of February. This is a great way to connect with your riding buddies or make some new friends. Friendly chatter via Discord for those that like to suffer in company.

DM us if you are willing to organize a Meetup on your fave route. These virtual rides are open to Members, Non Members, Former Members and Soon To Be Members.

Ride On!

Welcome Eileen!

The Cobourg Cycling Club is pleased to announce the latest addition to our Board Of Directors for 2021- Eileen Sheppard. How lucky are we???? Eileen brings with her a long history in the sport including the completion of several Ironman competitions, and tens of thousands of kms on her bicycles. Eileen is a sought after personal trainer and Pilates instructor, some of her Credentials and Certifications include the following:

  • CSEP-CPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer
  • CanFitPro Certified Fitness Instructor
  • BodyHarmonics (BH) Certified Pilates Level 1 & 2 Mat and Reformer Teacher
  • BH Aged-Related Impairments Specialists Pre & Post Rehab Specialists 

Born and raised in Northumberland County, she can take you on quite a tour of the area, introducing you to gravel and hilly roads that rarely make it onto route maps (trust me on this one, we’ve been on some awesome rides together!). A true team player, we are so pleased she decided to join the Board this year. We look forward to Bringing A Community Together Through Cycling with her next season!