Do you have an unused latest edition CCC Jersey?

Do you have an unused Cobourg Cycling Club jersey that you would be willing to part with?
We have members that are looking to purchase some club kit. ‘the thought here is acquire the kit as soon as possible.
If there is not enough available we will look into reordering.
Please send a message to and I will try to get people together.
People wanting club kit send me a message too. We will run this on a first come first served basis. First small Jersey available will go to first request etc.
I may be in over my head (again).
Condition, size, price expected would be enough information.

Canada Day Dirty Thursday?

Canada Day. If enough people show interest by Wednesday we will ride. If not I will cancel the ride on Wednesday afternoon. Be sure to check back. The Nasty Backwards will seem to be a completely different course. The up hills have been smoothed. The downhills will take some concentration. Don’t forget to sign in on the Cycle Club app.

Ride Schedule September 7- 13th

Monday Night Skills 5:30 pm
At the Diamond Head Industrial Park. (Home of some of our sponsors.)

Wednesday Group ride 5:30 pm
The Classic Wednesday night group ride.

Kevin Raper 40 and 20 km TT Sunday 10:00 am
Shelter Valley Road and County Road #2

Don’t forget to use the Cycleclub app to sign in.

*** Also***
Don’t forget to sign up for the Kevin Raper Time trial.
Entries close at 9:00 pm on September 11. The earlier participants sign up the easier the seeding process will be.
40 or 20 km the choice is up to you. Head down and hammer down or just a chance to get a good effort down. Shelter Valley rarely fails to make an impression. The downhill is well worth the uphill.

MASS Environmental Services Inc.
Lumeneering Innovations

Needed OCA waiver(s)

I may be getting ahead of the program but the following waivers are needed if we start club activities again. Having completed your waiver in advance may ensure that you are able to participate.
Please read and sign and submit the appropriate waiver if you plan to participate.

Ensure you have completed your ONTARIO CYCLING ASSOCIATION ACKNOWLEGEMENT, RELEASE, INDEMINITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK REGARDING COVID-19 (must be completed by member and parent/legal guardian if under 18) and submit copies to your club/team for confirmation.
o Adults (18 Years of Age and Older)
o Minors (Under 18 Years of Age)