Thursday Night Meetup This Week

Do you like Everything Bagels? I like Everything Bagels. Question is, will we still like Everything Bagels after we ride the NYC Everything Bagel Route for this week’s Meetup?? Be prepared to climb the NYC KOM twice, with 2 short sprints along the way just to spice things up.

We’re changing the date to Thursday this week as Tuesday looks like it might be good weather for an outdoor ride. We’ll rollout at 6:30pm as per usual. Voice Chat via Discord on the Riffraffles Server (CCC Meetup Chit Chat Channel). As a reminder, everyone is welcome to join these Meetups. We keep them No Drop with MeetUp view only. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente in order to be added to the Meetup. Do so before 4pm on Meetup day to give us time to add you in.

Outdoor rides will be starting up soon so we’ll only have 1 or 2 more Meetups this season. Speaking of outdoor rides, have you signed up for your 2021 CCC Membership yet????