So Much Fun!!

Well! Wasn’t that a bunch of fun?! Last night “RiffRaffles El Presidente” led a bunch of Zwifters around France and even enjoyed a Sprint or two along the way. We had a great turnout for our first CCC Meetup with 13 participants. Lots of friendly chatter happened over on Discord for those that joined in which adds to the Group Ride experience and feeling.

Missed out last night? Join us next week! Follow our social channels @cobourgcyclingclub on IG and FB for info and announcements.

Ride On!

2 thoughts on “So Much Fun!!

  1. It was a great experience and I look forward to another ride to get to know more riders. Can you provide any advice on Discord? I down loaded the app and tried the link you provided but the app indicated that the link was invalid or expired…..

    Thank you

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