Join The Club And Our New Challenge To Win!

Who doesn’t love a good Challenge? This year we are running some Challenges to keep you- our current Members, our soon-to-be-returning and our new Members motivated and riding. Time to get the trainer tire dust off your bike and get those wheels on the road, gravel, or trails!

Our first challenge is to Ride 250km Outdoors between today and June 10th.

HOW TO ENTER: If you are a current Member, make sure you are part of our CCC Strava Club. For those who don’t use Strava or are new Members, please track your KMs and email your results in when you have completed the challenge to

Your Prize for completing the Challenge is a good-looking CCC Mask!

You can register for your 2021 CCC Membership here:

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos and stories @cobourgcyclingclub when you’re out riding for this Challenge. Stay safe out there and we’ll be in touch soon!