Harold Shares With Us Why To Tri

Our Board of Directors is chock full of dynamic individuals with some great experience in the sport of cycling, as well as a few accomplished Triathletes. At a recent meeting we decided we’d share some tips and wisdom with our Membership. Here’s some terrific insight on Why To Tri from one of those accomplished and dedicated Triathletes, Harold Kuschnik. As we continue to ride alone due to the Lockdown, you may find some inspiration in the article below on how to keep yourself motivated and active.

Read on!

A major component of health & fitness includes endurance training, and this can be done in many formats with cyclists favoring their bikes, swimmers the water, and so on. Whatever your choice, have you ever considered the benefits of cross-training or ‘triathlon training’ to compliment what you’re already doing? Perhaps you’re experiencing cycling road/trail fatigue with muscle soreness, weather restrictions, or bike issues but still want to workout.

Consider the benefits of swim-bike-run (SBR) connection:

  • Improved overall conditioning, flexibility, strength and coordination which is available from engaging more of your body’s muscle groups and metabolic systems
  • Training options when cycling just isn’t possible
  • A fresh mental focus which will likely make cycling more enjoyable
  • Options for multi-sport competition/racing such as duathlons, triathlons, etc.
  • Enhanced muscle recovery allowing your body to keep fit but not overloading certain muscle groups thereby reducing the risk of injury
  • A psychological break from intensive or extensive bike training which keeps burnout away

The keys to starting include:

  • Begin at a level suitable to your ability. If this means taking swimming or running lessons then so be it. Everyone benefits from good coaching, even the pros.  
  • Monitor your body carefully. A lower body injury will likely hamper both running and cycling, but likely not swimming, and vice versa.
  • Be reasonable with gains. The benefits to your body’s adaptation is long term, weeks and months
  • Have a balanced program which allows your body to recharge and heal. Loading swimming and running on top of your current cycling is best done gradually, with a reduction in cycling,- as in cycling, the right gear makes all the difference. However in this case, quality running shoes & apparel will make running so much better, just as a good set of swim goggles, swim suit, etc will make swimming better,
  • If and when possible train with an experienced partner or group. They will likely provide the mentoring, encouragement and technical support to head you in the right direction
  • Avoid an all at once approach. Become proficient at either swimming or running first. Trying to teach your body and mind too much all at once can be overwhelming. Change up the volume and intensity of your SBR training,
  • Finally, have fun! Whether it’s the journey or destination you can find a good starting point to find the right balance or “happy spot” for yourself.

Endurance athletes, whether recreational or semi-pro can benefit from SBR or triathlon training.. Enjoy your time on the road, trail or in the water as you move forward to discover your athletic abilities.