2021 Membership: Updates and Ready To Roll

Hey hey everyone, the day has come! The CCC 2021 Membership link is live, loaded and ready to go. Woot Woot!

Membership for the club this year is $55, a slight increase over previous years. The decision to increase fees was not made lightly- our operating costs have increased and therefore need to be reflected in our Membership Fees. As promised last year, those Members who were in good standing last season will receive a coupon code for the cost of your 2020 Membership. Please email Corey Watts, our Membership Director at membership@cobourgcyclingclub.com to receive your Discount Code. We hope that you will consider still paying your full Membership Fees for 2021 even if you qualify for the discount as it helps us keep the Club going. Every bit helps.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding our Ride Calendar for 2021. We have listened to your feedback and are pleased to be expanding our range of rides, aiming to have something for every day of the week with all types of riding from easy cruising, to gravel and mountain biking, to our trusty TTs and group road rides.

Did you see our post about needing Ride Hosts?? Consider stepping up to Host a ride or two that suits your schedule. No need to commit to a full season of weekly rides. Reach out to our Ride Co-ordinator Jamie Barnes rides@cobourgcyclingclub.com if you’re interested and available to Host.

Sign Up for 2021 Membership here : https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/cobourg-cycling-club-membership-2021

Spring is in the air! Looking forward to an exciting season ahead!