Tom Lyle, Long Time Member

Hello Fellow Cyclists

Today, albeit a bit later than I had hoped, I am sharing sad news regarding a fellow cyclist, friend and personal role model.

Tom Lyle, the Cobourg Cycling Club’s current eldest member, died at age 92 of natural causes on April 12, 2020.

Dave Singfield shared the news last week with several of us.

Tom passed peacefully with his wife Jean and their family by his side.

Special arrangements were made by the hospital for the family to be there in support.

Due to the medical issues we all are presently experiencing, there will be a celebration of Tom’s life post pandemic.

This is a difficult post to prepare because for those that knew Tom and those that didn’t know Tom, there is much to share.

What I can say in short, is that Tom was a passionate cyclist that began racing in the UK about age thirteen.

Tom kept cycling as he relocated to Toronto and raised his family and was still riding about age 90 despite failing eyesight.

As a career iron worker, Tom Lyle contributed to the construction of some Toronto’s finest skyline structures.

However, what has had the single, largest impact on me as friend, was Tom’s character.

I can best describe Tom with the highest true compliment that one man can give another:

Tom Lyle was a true gentleman.

And from one cyclist to another, “Chapeau Tom”.

Rest In Peace.

Greg – on behalf of the Executive