Shop Talk With Pete: “All About Your Chain”

We’re back again with another instalment of Shop Talk With Pete, our resident Bike Expert and Knower Of All Things Bike. The chain is a pretty important part of your bike’s performance, so here Pete is sharing how to care for that integral piece of equipment. Take it away Pete!

Hey All, Tips time again…..Today’s topic is your chain! Pretty simple thing actually. Plates, pins, bushings all pressed together to go around your gears.
When all is clean and lubed, life is great for your chain, but when it gets dirty or dry they get hungry. Their only meal is your rear cog and chainrings!!!!

So how do you keep your chain from devouring your gears?

It’s pretty easy to do, but a few essentials are needed. A water soluble degreaser like Simple Green, WD-40, dish soap, bucket, shoe shine brush, rags and chain lube .
I bet you’re thinking: WD-40 ???? It’s not a chain lube! No it’s not, but it is a water repellent that draws water out from inside the pins and bushings. Very important .

Cleaning Supplies L to R: Dish Soap, Simple Green (degreaser) in spray bottle, WD-40. 2nd Row : Dry Lube, Wet Lube. Front Row: scrub brush

So Let’s Do This!

1. First start by applying the degreaser liberally to the chain, use the brush to scrub both sides , top and bottom of the chain. You may have to apply degreaser directly onto the
brush during cleaning. Also spray degreaser on the rear cassette and derailleur pulley wheels and give them a good cleaning .

2. Mix up some dish soap and water and wash the remaining grime and degreaser off the chain, rear cog and derailleur. Hose everything down, not much pressure is required , just enough to rinse.

3. Here’s where the WD-40 comes to play. Wipe the chain down with a dry clean rag, apply WD-40 directly to chain, best done on the front chainring to avoid getting overspray on Rims or Brake Rotors
This gets the water out from inside the pins and bushings! Let sit for a few minutes, then wipe chain down once again to dry .

Yes I know , almost done !!!!!!

4. Now it’s lube time. Dry lube is best for Dry conditions as it doesn’t pick up road dirt and dust, but doesn’t protect against moisture. Wet lube is best for wet conditions or where rust protection is more of a concern. Wet lube will attract and allow road dirt and dust to stick to it …..
Apply lube to the inside plates of the chain , on the inside of the chain. If using a wet lube , it is advised to once again , wipe the chain down .
The lube is meant to be inside the chain, not just on the outside .

A few sub pointers:
I do not use Aerosol spray. I use degreaser and WD-40 from hand spray bottles. Much easier to manage where it’s going. Do not get any on your brake surfaces, either rims, pads or rotors.
You will not have brakes if you do!

So there you have it ….
No pain, Clean chain!
Keep Zoomin ……

Thanks for all the expert advice Pete! A clean bike is a happy bike!