Q+A : Meet The Board Of Directors

We’re back with another Q+A! Today we meet Janet Baitley, Treasurer and Advocate for Women in Cycling. 

Janet seen here on the left representing the CCC at a local Cobourg race

1. How many years have you been cycling?

I have been cycling for almost 20 years. Cycling “found me” while looking for a way to maintain fitness after being sidelined by a running injury.  I fell crazy in love with this amazing sport and have never looked back. I have had the good fortune to be in the presence and under the guidance of some pretty cool and awesome people.

2. What is a highlight from your years of cycling? 

The 80,000+ kms and countless hours I have spent “suffering for the sake of suffering” on the wheel of my biggest believer and fan, Brent Aquino aka ‘The Big Viking’ who is my partner in life and on the bike. “Oh, the places we will go, the people we will meet and the things we will see”.

Being part of the historic Donut Ride in the company of some of Ontario’s amazing female cyclists such as Merrill Collins (my girl crush), pulling through at crazy speeds with Cheryl Rondeau. Beating my fears into submission and lining up at The Bay of Quinte Road Race with some of the awesomely talented Elite 1/2 women in Ontario that year. Scared out of my knickers and humbled that I got to race and ride with them and hearing “I’ve been chicked” as I crossed the finish line.

Riding with my club mates as Honour Guard on our founding member Henri Joachim’s funeral procession. An overwhelming and very significant memory I will carry with me.

There are many more highlights from my life behind bars, but the biggest highlight has been my ability to bring this gift of cycling to my grandson who is so very eager to learn. I have to say my heart is full when we analyze our ride data, work a pace line or simply strive to reach a new distance milestone. The best conversations can be had on a bicicletta. 

3A. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club? 

The thing I like best about being part of this cycling club is honouring that which has come before me. An idea that was born between a couple of individuals in a little lakeside town in Ontario in 1972 is still alive today and to me that is pretty awesome. There will always be those times that we ask ourselves “Why bother” “It’s only a volunteer position” and those are the times we have work harder to stay true to their vision and keep it alive. Paying It Forward!!!

3B. As a Board member what do you hope to achieve this year?

My goals as a Board member in the midst of a pandemic are just to see the club do its best to get back to some  semblance of business as usual. Last year my focus was going to be working (alongside my grandson) to assist in the development of a youth presence in our club.

4. Any goals for the 2020 cycling season? 

I will ride, ride, ride, and ride some more with my “Lead Out Man” for saddle time and maintenance in anticipation of the 2021 race season.

5. Roadie or Off Roadie? 

A Roadie! Definitely a Roadie! Always a Roadie! I love the fact that Roadies are steeped in rules, tradition and etiquette. The Velominati all the way!!

6. Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks? 

I am typically Team Whatever Is Clean Socks! But hopefully its the short socks cause my tan lines are messed up enough. People laugh and point in the grocery store. True story!

7. Espresso or Americano? 

Neither! But….. a nice post ride chianti classico…. sign me up! And there has to be chips!

8. What club rides can we find you on?

For now, you will find me on the Wednesday Night Rides, but when we are back to a full calendar I will definitely be on the Monday night Skill Development/Tempo or Crit (I like going fast). Maybe the Tuesday night TT (TT’ing is just not my cup of tea but I will do it if the Big Viking goads me into it), and Weekend Long Rides and I’m sure I could be convinced to give the Friday night Women’s Ride or Zip/Social Rides a go! Do the social rides include any Italian reds or maybe cupcakes?

9. My Most Favourite Cyclist/Cycling quote?

Good is something you do, not something you talk about. Some medals are pinned to your soul, not to your jacket. Real heroes are others, those who have suffered in their soul, in their heart, in their spirit, in their mind, for their loved ones.Those are the real heroes. I’m just a cyclist.

The Most Incredible, Amazing, and Humble Gino Bartoli

Janet shown here with “The Big Viking” Brent Aquino, and grandson Braedan at the Terry Fox Ride