Meet the BoD Q+A: Braeden Baitley

And we’re back with another Q+A! This one is pretty special as we meet our youngest board meeting attendee Braeden Baitley. Braeden is our Youth Representative, advocating for more youth participation and adaptation of our programming to suit younger riders. He makes a great addition to our team of Directors. Today is Braeden’s 9th birthday so if you see him out be sure to wish him a happy birthday! 🥳

1.How many years have you been cycling?

Even though I have only been cycling for 1 year I have made a lot of good memories.

2. What is a highlight from your year of cycling?

Going to the bike show in Toronto and getting my new bike- a Specialized Allez. 

3A. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club?

I like that I get to meet lots of new people who like to ride bikes.

3B. As a Board member what do you hope to achieve this year?

I would like to see some youth cycling programs.

4. Any goals for the 2020 Cycling Season?

My goal this season is to do a 50km ride.

5. Roadie or Off Roadie? 

Roadie! Definitely!

6.  Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks?

 I don’t know because I have never tried high socks, so for now I am Team Short Socks.

7. Espresso or Americano? 

I tried espresso and it didn’t taste good. I don’t think I would like Americano either.

8. What club rides can we find you on?

I wish I could do the Monday Skill Development but I’m not big enough yet.

Thank you for this Braeden, as well as your contributions to our meetings! Good luck with achieving your goal of a 50k ride this year, you can do it!! Happy Birthday to you from the CCC!! 🎂🎈🎉🎁

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  1. Yeh B-Monster Braeden
    Great Q&A…. soon you will be riding on Monday Nights !

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