CCC Ride Nights- Aug 10-14, 2020

Hope you all had great rides over the weekend! We have another fab week of rides lined up for you. Come to one, come to 3!

Monday, August 10th 6:00pm : Skills Night

Monday Night Skills is a 1 hour ride where we work on Bike Handling Skills. Last week we had a great turnout for an exhilarating evening! We worked on Pace lines and Cornering, many of us learning to corner at speed for the first time.

All members welcome, this is a great night for riders of all levels to learn or brush up on their skills. Don’t miss it!⁠ All that is required is a road bike in good working order, helmet and water bottles

Ride Leader : Brent Aquino

Meeting Details: 6:00pm start, Diamond Head Industrial Mall (the Old Coke Plant) located at 210 Willmott Street.

Wednesday, August 11th 6:00pm : Group Road Ride

Wednesday will see us back out on a group road ride. Join us as we Hunt For Hills! 42kms with 664m of elevation. This will be a great night to practice your climbing skills. If you haven’t been on these roads before, the views are spectacular. Keep that in mind as you are climbing up Community Centre Road, it will be worth it!! This ride will be an intermediate pace (25kph+) no drop ride.

Route Map:

Meeting Place : 6:00pm from St.Mary’s CSS

Thursday, August 12th, 6:00pm : Dirty Thursday

We had another great turnout for our 2nd Dirty Thursday. A fun time was had by all, including another gravel newbie, Jo-Anne who had a super fun time doing the Nasty backwards. This week, we will have a surprise route put together by our resident Gravel Guru and super awesome ride leader Pete Hennessy. A gravel capable bike will be required. This No-Drop ride will have an anticipated average speed around 21-23kph

Ride Leader: Pete Hennessy

Meeting Info: 6:00pm Baltimore Arena 23 Community Centre Road, Baltimore

See you out this week!