Thursday Night Press Release

Good Bye April – Hello May!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the jam tonight.

We had an excellent turnout of 9 riders.

A few regulars were missing but the weather is improving so that will soon change.

It is really encouraging to have the addition of some new faces too.

We are all starting to get our legs going now after winter and that makes the riding fun.

For those several guys that are “super-fit” already your continued patience is welcome.

As usual for the Club, we have a wide distribution of fitness.

My goal in establishing the Thursday night rides, from the start, has been to raise the collective fitness.

It would be awesome to see this group get into a fast 2-3 hour ride from start to finish – but the group is not ready yet.

On another note:

For all Club members, it is imperative that you review the Club’s policy additions for 2019.

This includes the Ride Participant Guide.

This Ride Guide is similar to a “race bible”.

It is the responsibility of each Club member to review these items.

Believe it or not, this is partly to fully activate your insurance coverage.

Sure, you will be covered, but to what degree really boils down to you.

Each of us needs to know when, where and what that coverage looks like.

A good way to begin is to educate and familiarize yourself with the policies provided on the Club’s website.

These are in place to help each of us in the event of an unfortunate incident.

The OCA has provided the guidelines that are set by cycling’s insurance provider.

So, when it comes to “throwing a leg over the bike” these days, we must do so mindfully!


There may be some of you feeling like “there are too many rules” to the rides.

Don’t worry, I feel that pain.

As a member of Board of Directors though, I have a responsibility to protect each Club member as we ride together.

When I outline precautions or give directives, that is because WE MUST do this for all our organized club events.

As well, every participant must know the route.

With most system changes there will be hiccups and back tracks.

We are all learning this new system as we roll along.

What does this “new” Club look like?

I cannot answer that question for you.

That’s where you come in.

That is what each of us must do to get the Club back on its proverbial feet.

The Thursday Night rides are really shaping up to be a very popular outing.

Riding with like-minded people always perks up your self-esteem and fitness.

Thanks again to everybody that has been supporting the rides over the past number of years.

Keep it between the trees,


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  1. Great spin last night, thanks everyone for your patience , Gary

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