Ride Leader Fundamentals

Please take note that this Cobourg Cycling Club sponsored
event will be held at the former Cycle Transitions site.
This venue is now called Venture 13 on Darcy Street.
There is a lecture theater for us to use.

November 16 2019
Start is 11 AM with plan to go to 2 pm.

Expect three presentations and some demonstrations.
Bring your own note keeping tools.
Those that want to bring a bike may do so and if time
permits we will use these in demos.

Finally, as it will be a Club function, any OCA member can

1 thought on “Ride Leader Fundamentals

  1. Hi Everyone, This is just short reminder to everyone about the open training session this Saturday, November 16. Though titled Ride Leader training, it really is the basic fundamentals of group riding. There are a number of presentations to go through and we will likely need the full three hours. Just in case I talk a little too long, we have some wiggle room at the end. I will bring some water and juice and snacks – if you want something specific, you better bring it along. I am really looking forward to seeing everybody come out – it should be worth a view laughs too. Greg

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