Presqu’ile Ride.

The plan will be to find someone to plan a ride in the Presqu’ile, Brighton area to set a course to follow. Fifty or 60 KM would be nice. Two hour ride at a non competitive pace. Safe quiet roads for a chatty ride.
Food will be pot luck (ish) though it would be nice to have someone keep track of the planned servings. Just so we don;t get 10 buckets of chicken.

This seems to be the easiest ride to put on. We can get one or two cars to carry the supplies as bicycles seem to be allowed to pass the gate.
This can be very flexible. If we don’t get enough interest to put on the pot luck part, we can just go somewhere for grub.

Please respond to if you will like to attend can set up the course, would like to help with organization.
Sunday we will count the participants and go from there.