Greg’s Thursday Night Ride Update

Hello CCC Members
After over 45 years, the Cobourg Club is on it wheels for
yet another season.
The first ride official Thursday night ride has come and
Only a few die hard riders braved the weather forecast for a
good season opener.
Unfortunately for me I was not there.
Due to work commitments, I was unable to attend.

My absence brings up a point, the Cobourg Cycling Club is
still short on support.
We have a new, large Board to share the load of running the
However, we need members as ride leaders to help out too.
And while I am on the subject, The Club also still needs a
Ride Coordinator, an IT guru and more.

Traditionally we are a small club.
We were never meant as an exclusive organization. 
2019 has moved in significant changes with respect to just
getting the Club going.
There are a host of new policies now in place to meet the
OCA’s insurance needs.

Beside the rule that every ride must be listed, we have
added even more policies.
We needed concussion protocol.
The Club also had to present a youth protection policy and
There are many things we can do as The Club but we must
share the plans.
We need to grow The Club positively while sticking to our

Many thanks goes to the small group of members keeping us
See you on the roads.