Good Evening Club Members,
Tonight we held our Annual General Meeting and Awards
Thank you to all of those members that were able to attend.
If you didn’t make it this year, hopefully we will see you
next year.
Personally, I thought everything met expectations and went
according to plan.
Without members, we do not have a Club, we win no awards and
we get no dinner!

Members may like to know that we have the largest new Board
of Directors ever.
More importantly though is the fact that the Board will have
5 women on it.
We will be meeting in the first part of the New Year to
re-grease the Club’s wheels.
During the early part of the year, The Board will register
the Club and set a preliminary event calendar.
If any member has ideas for rides or events, please see a
Board Member to bring the idea forward.

A note of thanks to Craig for letting me have some fun with
him tonight and put him on the spot.
With the new Board as it is, we will look at hosting a pot
luck style banquet.
It is a good idea and an excellent twist on building
friendship and camaraderie.
The Club is what we all want it to be and I have never met a
cyclist that does not like to eat.

As always, a big thanks to Dave Singfield for his
leadership, mentor-ship and support.
The time trial league is something special and Dave’s
coverage of that is par-excellence.

I am looking forward to 2020 and I can feel that some good
things are ahead.
Keep your eyes open and your wheels on the road.

All the best to everyone for your holiday season,