Tempo temperature tonight

As planned we will meet at the Diamond Head Industrial Mall Thursday April 26. From there the format changes. The first couple of rides will be out and back along the lakeshore. Time to get a little spin on without any big hills. Time to check out the TT course. Time to get back on yer bike.

The out and back will permit the big guns and those more prepared to ride hard, fast and far. The rest of us can ride at a not so hurtful pace (For now). 

If you wish to cut from the pack, Either pack that will be fine. The more fit riders can work as sweeps on the way back.

Pick your distance/time.

Ride the complete trip if you so please.

Ride at the front until dropped. Then ride until you need to turn around and  head home.

Tear your legs off or just get back in the spin. 

More or less you won’t be trying to get home by yourself.

You won’t be cold. It’s warmer than you think. Though layers, zippers and foot warmers are still nice to have.

Bring water, 

See you there.