Bruce’s Big Ride. (From the President)

Wow. On June 5th, Bruce Raymur beat the 24 year old Cobourg
Cycling Club 15 km Individual Time Trial record.
Having chased that elusive mark myself closely for a few
years, it is awesome to see somebody I have mentored meet
the challenge.
In fact, Bruce showed his talent for suffering and was 30
seconds faster than the previous mark set by David Martin.
If you are as curious as I am, let’s see what Bruce can do
For my money, there is more in the tank!
On another note, if there is local interest, you may want to
look at a trip to the Hamilton area for a 40 km ITT with the
These usually start early on a Saturday at 9 AM so it you
must leave here extra early.
Check the Hamilton Cycling Club website for their calendar.
I suggest purchasing an Alternate Club Membership (it is $5
or $10) in order to ride.
These time trials are excellent training and a real test of
your mental fortitude.
They hold these once a month through the summer.
Have a great week on the bike!