About the Bun Run (From the president)

Hi Everybody


Tonight’s Bun Run was a blast.

We changed the loop a little bit so the new roads gave the ride great little twist.

I think all nine of us had a very good workout.

The group is getting better with keeping things smooth while rotating.

However, both our fitness and bicycling management skills still need some polish.


Moving on from the technical side of things, if you have not been in out in a while, you must come out next Thursday.

It’s the summer solstice!

It will be the longest night of the year and best suited for our needs on the Thursday Night Bun Run.

So, to commemorate this event we will also add in The Brent Aquino Loop.

Maybe even twice depending on the sunset.

For those that came last year, you will remember that we go off SVR and around King Road and Pipeline to Broomfield.


For those of you that want to know where we are going – it is as follows:

To Colborne on the Waterfront Trail.

To Durham St. N up to Kevin’s Road – Honey Road (just over the 401).

Then we whittle our way to Dundonald where we make a right onto Northumberland Cty Rd 21.

We head east to Shiloh Road and make a left going north.

The ride tonight then meandered its way back to Cty Rd 25 just south of Castleton.

We came out on Dingman Road (for longest time not paved until one Derek Harnden initiated me)

We crossed there to Pipeline Road and had the usual finish at the end of Shelter Valley Road.


I would like to take a moment to thank everybody that has been taking part.

You are making me fitter and I appreciate it more that you know.

These group rides make us all faster.


Oh, and somebody asked me about doing some training this weekend.
I think I could be talked into some hill repeats if anybody is interested.

The options I am proposing are Alnwick Hill coupled with a few twists getting there and back.

Or, the always delightful Port Hope Hills Challenge (since you like names for things).


I have said too much already, but I wish you safe riding, sunshine and tailwinds.