A Gentle reminder from our President

Regarding sharing the road:

In Northumberland County, where we live and do most of our cycling, we are blessed with a plethora of good roads to explore on the bike.

As a coach, I have often repeated the concept of knowing where you are on the road or in a group at all times.

When we prepare for an outing, take a moment to remind one another that part of being safe and sharing the road is being predictable.

I have made moves on the bike on occasion that probably do not represent what drivers expect.

Remember that drivers cannot see the potholes or glass.

The also are not fearful of rogue animals.

As cyclists we all must work at being fair to those around us.

Personally, I do not like sounding like the ordinary message or repetitive for that matter.

So in the essence of happy cycling and safe road use – be aware of where you are while riding at all times.

Enjoy the nice weather.