The Cobourg Cycling Club

Established 1972                                                               Affiliated OCA & CCA

2018 Club Banquet and AGM


Cat’N’Fiddle  Friday Dec 7th


The Club AGM is nearly here.  This is the only time you can change club rules and elect club officials.

We need volunteers to run the club.  If you would like to be a member of the club executive please let us know.

Positions open for nominations.

These positions are for 1 year.


Vice President  and membership



Rider leader coordinator

Plus up to 5 director at large.


We need club members to help run the club.  Please volunteer for one of the positions listed and let Greg Cushing or Jamie Barnes know.  



At the AGM we will have to elect all position in accordance to our by-laws.

If you would like to add a by-law or modify an existing rule please submit it in writing for consideration at the AGM.  You must be prepared to defend proposal at the meeting.


Dave Singfield

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  1. How about a time? What time are we meeting at the Cat n Fiddle? lol

    • Also; can non-members (although a previous member for a few years) attend? I’d like to go and see the award presentations and hear the goals/changes for 2019.

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