Presqu’ile Handicap Pursuit

Presqu’ile Handicap Pursuit

Sunday  1st October   2017

Hopefully everyone is ready for this fantastic event.  Here is some information you will need to know.

The entry fee is $15.00.  If your name is already on the start sheet see my wife Dot with the money and she will give you a race number.  If your name is not on the start sheet you will have to see me first to determine which group you will start with, after you have proved you have OCA competitive insurance. Everybody must be signed in, have their bike ready, their racing numbers in place, and be available for the riders meeting at 10.15am.

At 10.15 am there will be a riders meeting lead by Chris Herten.  He will read out the riot act to remind everyone that the roads are not closed and we must respect other users of the park.  I would like to start the race as soon after that as possible.  So if we can start before 11.00 am I will start early.

There is a charge of $7.00 for lunch for the “none competitive/officiating” observers.  I think Julie Herten will be collecting this.

Note that the starting order is not the group order.  The only group that will be overtaking another to get their laps in are group 4 overtaking group 1 on group 4’s second lap and group 1’s first lap.  Once that overtake is done everyone will be on the same lap with group 1 leading.  Hopefully you will all come together on the last lap.  I will be issuing coloured stickers for group 1 to put on their front forks to help us count the laps.

Start order

        11.00 am                Group 4         6 laps

        11.01 am            Group 2         5 laps

        11.05 am                Group 3         5 laps

        11.08 am                Group 1         4 laps

Rider                   group  
Bruce Raymer    4      
Chris Herten       4      
Brad Parsons       4      
Craig Doucet       4      
Kevin Jenkins      4      
Dennis Poort       3      
Mike Jacques      3      
Jamie Barnes      3      
Markus Herten  3      
Ian McKelvey     3      
Gord Plue            2      
Adrian Greenwood  2      
Tom Herd           2      
Rob Tinney        2      
Glen Finley        2      
James Watt      1      
Sharon Lynn-Weese  1      
Corey Watts     1      
Stewart Richardson  1      
Brad Martin     1      
Gordie Martin 1      


Dave Singfield