Presidential invitation

Hi Club Members

For many years the Cobourg Cycling Club has offered a mix of
club activities.
In the early years, events were largely centered around
family activities.
As the Club’s membership aged, events became more
competitive in nature.
Then club members started post secondary school and founding
members found other interests.

The Cobourg Cycling Club has endured over the years like
riding a century.
The CCC continues to offer a mix of cycling based events.
We are providing the opportunity for Club members to have
year-ending mix of light competition and family fun.

On October 1st we will be presenting the Presqu’ile Pursuit.
The park in the south end of Brighton is an awesome venue.
We have made the event open to OCA members that are not
current club members but have race insurance elsewhere.
A prepared lunch will be provided and there is a BBQ option
available for those that want to cook a burger.

The weather is typically a blustery, with some overcast and
perhaps a chance of showers, but always perfect for the
Please, come out and support the event.
We can use some volunteers, some participants and some bell
ringing spectators.
Besides, we don’t want to have any leftovers.

Looking forward to seeing you there.