One More from our President

Hello Fellow Cyclists

As President of the Cobourg Cycling Club and a long-term cyclist there is something that I need to bring to everybody’s attention.

First, let me premise with a disclaimer and open comment. That when it comes to instant, gut reaction to vehicles on the road I am not always the best at demonstrating restraint and turning the other cheek. However, I am asking that you practice what I am preaching and together we can improve for the benefit of all cyclists. Tom Jehlicka told me many years ago that when you react in a negative manner that you lower yourself to their level. I believe this to be true as well.

Recently I watched a group of cyclists put themselves into a high risk situation. As a cyclist, I make sure that I look after me when it comes to vehicles. The power and weight differences are too obvious for discussion here. With that in mind, bicycles share the roadways with automobiles. Bicycles are considered vehicles under laws of the Highway Traffic Act in Ontario, according to my friend, who is a Overland Park divorce attorney but still knows traffic and DUI law very well. Also, as far as I know, there a precious few places where bikes are treated as pedestrians.

I will also be the first to admit that I take short cuts of various types where applicable. However, as pointed out above, when it comes to self-preservation I like to think that I avoid putting myself into precarious situations when riding. We have all done this I am sure but we like to limit those moments and keep the odds favourable.

Please, when you are riding, obey the traffic signs and be aware of changing road conditions. Always be aware of your place on the road. Remember that we share the road with other people and our bicycles, though pedaled by a person, are considered vehicles. For now, the Highway Traffic Act is what it is, so obey the laws. Others are watching us.

Bicycles are not pedestrians even though we all at times think that we can scoot here or there for one reason or another. After all, we are people and humans like short cuts. On bikes though, we are classed with all other vehicles. Please be sensible while riding. Look out for one another and most of all be the best advocate for cycling and all it benefits that you can be.

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Keep the rubber side down,


Greg Cushing



2 thoughts on “One More from our President

  1. Well said.
    When I’m on my bicycle, I like to think of it as if I was on my motorbike. I like to ride and obey the traffic laws as such.
    At least until I stop for a coffee or a beer, then I respect the pedestrians that have the sidewalk.

    Safe riding everyone.

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