Kevin Raper TT Sunday Aug 20 2017

Sunday Aug 20 2017

10:00am start Rain or Shine 

Oak hills Winery

One 25 km lap for the ladies and others.  

Two laps for the men.

CCC Member entry fee $5

*** *** ***The event is open to any OCA member.*** *** ***

$10 for non club members. 

Non CCC members are not entitled to claim prizes but the can make claim to a huge quantity of very exclusive bragging rights. 



1 thought on “Kevin Raper TT Sunday Aug 20 2017

  1. Not sure if we realized that Quinte West race and Ocup north of Toronto is on same day, would it be possible to change it for the weekend after or the weekend before? it would be nice to have a good delegation at Quite West race!


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