Weekly Ride Update!!!

Presqu’ile Provincial Park – Updated Details

We will meet at 6:30 outside the Presqu’ile Provincial Park main gate. Stewart has offered room for 3 riders for those that wish to carpool.  There is plenty of free parking available in this area along the border of the firewood sales lot or on Lakehurst Street.  Park fee’s are also free if you enter by bicycle.

Thursday July 23rd – Dirty Thursday MTB Ride

Forgot to mention that this week is also a dirty Thursday MTB ride for those seeking a little adventure in the woods.

Time:  6:30pm sharp.
Start Location:  Northumberland Forest Parking Lot. 101 Beagle Club Road.
Route: TBD. Likely some winding trails in the woods
Ride Leader: Jamie Barnes

1 thought on “Weekly Ride Update!!!

  1. Let me know either here or on https://www.facebook.com/groups/Cyclegroup/ if anyone plans to ride the dirty Thursday this week. If you would rather do the Tempo ride at Presqu’ile Provincial Park we could move the MTB ride to next week and then continue on with the Gravel ride on it’s regularly scheduled time.
    Let me know quick!!!

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