Volunteers Needed For Tom Jehlicka Criterium

This is a Cobourg Cycling Club request for volunteers for the TJ Crit Saturday, August 2, 2014.

The TJ Crit is staged at the Diamond Head Industrial Mall, in Cobourg’s East End, by the time trial start.

We are just a little less than a month out. Typically we need 15-20 helpers.

We will need corner marshalls, registration help, set up help and of course tear down help.

Somewhere along the line, we will need some camera sharps to take lessons from Rob Naish on timing the event.

Please contact Greg Cushing at tjcrit@cobourgcyclingclub.com for details.

Thanks for your support,


1 thought on “Volunteers Needed For Tom Jehlicka Criterium

  1. I will be there in any capacity needed. Katrina will be there. I am sure that I can get here boy friend to do something

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