As you know, late last year the Cobourg Cycling Club Board of Directors overwhelmingly agreed to organize a road race and time trial for the upcoming Northumberland Para Games for Hand Cycling. This commitment also includes a training camp leading up to the event. We agreed to support both events with volunteers.

Next week, Tuesday May 27,  Wednesday May 28 and Thursday May 29 the National Para Sport coaches, in conjunction with the Cobourg Cycling Club will hold a camp for the competitors. There are 19 para sport athletes listed for attendance. Volunteers will “marshal” the hand cyclists by providing a visual component to their work and a result we need to provide a minimum of 6 riders each day of the camp.

DATE               LOCATION                   TIME                                                   VOLUTEERS COMMITTED AND NEEDED

May 27            Keeler Centre             9 AM-11AM 1PM-3PM                 Greg, Dave S., Roy M. + 3-4 more riders

May 28            Keeler Centre             9 AM-11AM 1PM-3PM                 Greg, Dave S., Roy M. + 3-4 more rider

May 29           Presquile Park             9 AM- 11AM 1PM-2PM                Greg, Dave S., Roy M. + 3 riders + 1-2 marshals

On Saturday May 31 and Sunday June 1st, we will need to add a minimum of 15 volunteers for the actual events.

DATE                     LOCATION                           TIME                      VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Sat May 31          Colborne TT                      9:00 AM -12 PM      15 FOR CORNER MARSHAL WORK

Sun June 1           Brighton RR                      8:30 AM – 1 PM        15 FOR CORNER MARSHALL WORK

Please contact me, Greg Cushing by phone at 905 372 8571 or EMAIL me at as soon as you can and let me know which of the above events you might be able to help out with.

The Games Organizing Committee is pressed for numbers so I appeal to you to lend us a few hours of your time next week.

Thanks – Greg