Important Reminders for Tomorrow’s Time Trial

Starting tomorrow, September 4th, the Tuesday Night Time Trials will start at 6:30pm. There are only 2 left to get that season’s best time so don’t miss out!

Also, we’ve noticed that there are more markings painted on the road than ours alone and realize this can be confusing, especially to new members. We wanted to remind everyone that our turn around is right before the stop sign at Station Rd. and is painted in white. Just before the marking, you will see one white dot, followed shortly by 2 white dots and then the turn around marking in the middle of the road. If you aren’t within 75 feet of the stop sign when you see the turn around, keep going, you’re not at the right one!

Here’s a pic of what you should be looking for. Thanks everyone, hope to see you all tomorrow night.