Gravel Road Ride Sunday, September 23rd

The first of many fall rides will be this coming Sunday, September 23rd and will depart from the Baltimore Community Centre at 9am. The ride will last 1.5 to 2 hours depending on conditions that day.

This 33km route will take us on pavement, gravel and even a couple access roads all through the rolling hills of Baltimore and surrounding area. It’ll be a no-drop ride and all are welcome but please keep in mind that due to the gravel and other flat-tire causing hazards this is not a ride for road bikes and we strongly recommend the use of mountain, cyclocross, or even hybrids if they have wide, heavy duty tires. If you’re unsure whether your bike fits this ride, please email me at

So come out and try something new, see some quiet back-country roads, beautiful scenery and all with little to no traffic. It’s going to be a fun ride so don’t miss out!

Click here for the route

1 thought on “Gravel Road Ride Sunday, September 23rd

  1. I have at least 2 sets of 28mm tires that could be used on this ride. If someone need these tires and the tires will fit you are quite welcome to borrow.
    Don’t worry the tires are pretty tough I am willing to take the risk.

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