Forest City Velodrome Road Trip Saturday, December 1st

During the 2012 London Games I’m sure many of you watched in awe of the skill and sheer strength of the track cyclists who propelled themselves around the track at speeds nearing 70km/h. This December, the Cobourg Cycling Club has booked 12 spots with the opportunity to try out this amazing discipline within our sport.

The Forest City Velodrome has been booked for Cobourg Cycling Club for Saturday, December 1st at noon. This is a Track 1- Intro to Ride session which includes :

  • basic track skills;
  • riding fixed wheel with your pedal systems or toe clips and straps;
  • bike control;
  • solo laps; and
  • group riding in line

… as well as track safety, etiquette & technical skills.

Cost for the session is $20.00 & $10.00 bike rental fee(if you need one). The session can accommodate 12 riders so the first 12 people to get their $20.00 to Lee Shooter get a spot. We will fine tune the logistics of carpooling, etc. closer to the time. All information regarding Forest City Velodrome and the program can be found at

Don’t miss out … this is offered on a first come, first served basis. You can contact Lee at to make arrangements to drop off your deposit.