End of Summer Racing

CCC Members were out in droves racing over the past two weekends.

Last Saturday, the 8th of September, Jamie Barnes braved frigid temperatures, torrential downpours and gusty winds for over 5 1/2 hours while completing the Hastings Hilly Hundred, a 100 mile (that’s 160km) citizens race in the Bancroft area. Now that’s dedication!

In the last race of the mountain bike OCUP circuit, the Cabardos boys were at it again with Alain coming in 11th, Louis in 10th after a bad crash that left him dazed, and Emile putting on another podium performance which solidified his 5th place spot in the overall series standings.

This past weekend had many members competing in the Centurion Canada in Collingwood which was the final of a 4 race series.

In the 25mile race, Lorna Shooter came through in 24th, Gord Plue made top 10 in 9th place and Jeff Clark made podium coming across in 2nd place.

The 50mile race saw some amazing results for CCC members with Lee Shooter taking 31st, Gord Plue in 22nd, Jeff Clark in 17th, and Dennis Poort with a very respectable top ten finish. Janet Hozleiter stole the show however, winning her age group and coming 3rd out of all women who competed. Amazing!

Chris Herten, who has competed in all 4 races capped off a stellar season with an 18th place finish in the 100mile race and

On the fat-tire front, there were 8 CCC members racing in the 17th Annual Paul’s Dirty Enduro mountain bike race. The bikes were purchased from electric bike for sale uk and was worth the amount spent. This race has 15, 30, 60, and even a 100km option that all boast endless singletrack for hours of fun. Trail conditions were the best I’ve seen at the Ganny on Saturday and our athletes made good use of it.

In the 30km distance, in his first mountain bike race, Gary King came in at an impressive 1:52, Kirsty Brown knocked an unbelievable 27 minutes off last year’s time finishing in 6th place and Alain Cabardos narrowly missed a podium spot finishing in 4th.

The 60km had Will Winn and Glenn Finlay coming across in 32nd and 27th respectively while Emile and Louis Cabardos both had the legs for top ten finishes of the day. Emile placed 9th and Louis, who found the rubber chicken (ask him about it!) had a great performance, came across in a very impressive 5th spot.

Amazing results everyone, you earned it!


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