Cyclocross at Sinclair Park Sunday November 4th at 11am

Put on your best warm knickers, buy, borrow or steal (ok maybe not steal) a cyclocross or mountain bike and come join the CCC at Sinclair Park ( map ) for some cyclocross Sunday November 4th at 11am. This is an event for members of all abilities and the sole purpose is to come out and have FUN!  You can go as easy or as hard as you want, it’s totally up to you. Ride a lap, take a break, ride another, no problem!

We’ve been hard at work getting permissions, mapping out a course and rounding up supplies to run the event and it’s looking great so far!!

Not sure what cyclocross is? Well, basically we’ll be riding around a marked circuit in the park, carrying our bikes over a couple small obstacles, up a little hill (there’s only one!) and having a blast while we’re at it.

Come give it a shot and see what it’s all about.

6 thoughts on “Cyclocross at Sinclair Park Sunday November 4th at 11am

  1. We’ll hopefully have the course set up by 10am so if they wanted to give ‘er a go then, that’d be fine, we’ll be there. All with your written consent of course.

  2. The club itself has no age limits for members but I’ll double check with the OCA regarding non-members trying out club events (no charge). It’s never been a problem in the past but 3.5 is pretty young! Please email me their full names and date of birth.

    If all is well with the OCA, I think keeping them limited to the warm up/learn to cross part of the morning would be best though to keep things safe.

    • Hi Kevin – Thanks for being open to this! I have not yet spoken to them about it – Just wanted to run it by you first before getting them pumped. I had no grand plans for racing excellence – just have them try a loop or something. Also, I think their focus / attention for ‘learn to ride’ would be pretty limited at this stage…
      At risk of being a bit of a micro-manager (okay, I admit that I am)… we have a few other things going on Sunday, and I’m wondering about the event’s schedule… Would it be possible for them to go earlier rather than later in the day’s event?
      Thanks for all your guidance!

  3. Your marketing pic suggests ‘all ages’…. Can I bring my little guys even though they are not members (Jilly age 6, Delyth and Evan age 3.5?) Happy to pay one day membership fee if that’s a possibility?

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