Cross at Sinclair Park Postponed Until Next Sunday

Cyclocross is certainly no stranger to rain and bad weather but with a full day’s soaking and no end in sight, we’ve had to make the tough call to postpone this Sunday’s cyclocross at Sinclair Park. We will try again next Sunday, the 4th of November at 11am.

With the Town’s Parks Department being so generous to let us use the park, we don’t want to risk almost certain damage being done to the turf there which may jeopardize that relationship and risk having future events.

In the meantime, for those of you who still want to get some mud on your tires tomorrow, we’re going to have a gravel road ride instead. We’ll leave from the Baltimore Community Centre at 11am rain or shine and go for a ~40km ride.  Hope to see everybody there!

1 thought on “Cross at Sinclair Park Postponed Until Next Sunday

  1. Thanks for the “early warning ” in regards to the postponement . I must agree that we do not want to damage the turf and risking losing the future use of Sinclair Park.The gravel ride will be a nice adventure for sure, I’ll be there !

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