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Nasty Volunteers


To all CCC members.
October 18 is the Northumberland Nasty and the Nasty Nasty.
We are in need of a few helping hands. Corner workers and Day of registration people are most needed. The signing of the route is also a job that needs to be completed. The signing of the route is part of the fun. We will need some help with this also.

Please if you would like to help or would like to volunteer your children (community hours aplenty), please contact Glenn, Stewart, Jeff or Jamie.

Tempo Ride Thursday Sept 10th – Update!!!

UPDATE!!! We are going to leave from “The Mill” restaurant for tomorrows tempo ride to try a new course and see if we have other good options for rides next year.  This new loop will also be mostly flat with only small gradient changes and a short climb but as a bonus it is on super smooth tarmac for the entire course.  Dale now has a very wide bike lane/shoulder. The straighter wider roads should hopefully allow for any traffic encountered to see and pass us safer. We will do the first loop together and can split up into two groups if needed.

Time: Thursday Sept 10th,  6:00pm

Course:  (Theater -> Telephone ->  Hamilton -> Dale)

Start location: The Mill Restaurant, Cobourg Ontario.


Bike Up Northumberland – Update

Just a friendly reminder that the Sept 12th “Bike Up Northumberland” is fast approaching.

If you haven’t already registered here again are a few reasons to support Bike Up Northumberland:

  • Every penny raised goes to purchase priority medical equipment.
  • As active cyclists we appreciate local emergency services in the unfortunate event we should ever need them.
  • Participating in a cycling fundraising event demonstrates our commitment to the health benefits of an an active lifestyle.
  • By meeting our modest goals this year we gain recognition by multiple levels of government about the importance of cycling in Northumberland County.
  • It’s a LOCAL CHARITY and funds raised will stay in our community

If you wish to register but are having trouble Nicole has offered another way you can sign up via email.

To register via email

Simply email Nicole Beatty at with the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email
  4. The distance you are riding
  5. Your t-shirt size

You will be sent a pledge sheet to help you fundraise and information about your ride.  It’s that easy!

 Once riders are registered they receive a welcome email from me with all the information they need to know about September 12.

Instructions for registering

Dirty Thursday (Sept 3)

Sunset is close to 7:45 this week. Dirty Thursday will be at the Beagle Club. Bring some lights… just incase we are a little late.
Not too many people have been riding either MTB or CX bikes lately. This ride will be a gentle get accustomed to the bike ride.
Air up your tires, charge your batteries, pack a little energy food and bring some extra water. This is going to be a very warm week.