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May 1st time trial results

2018-05-01 CCC TT Results

Posn Name 9 km 15 km
1 Bruce Raymer 8.26 21.15
2 Craig Doucet 8.54 22.50
3 Adrian Greenwood 9.35 24.22
4 Dennis Poort 9.42 24.36
5 Franco Buratti 9.48 25.05
6 James Barnes 9.54 25.11
7 Greg Cushing 9.58 25.19
8 Andre Gotthelf 10.25 26.55
9 Gord Plue 10.43 27.20
10 Jessica Fraser-Thomas 10.56 27.32
11 Tara Wilson 11.00 27.55
12 Stewart Richardson 11.12 28.54
13 Darryll Styles 11.39 30.00
14 Jillain Thomas 15.01 38.57

From the President

Hi All

Today I met an living legend, Sven Marx.

Sven is 50 and has been travelling the world.

We have heard very little here of him but in Germany he has built a reputation.

Sven has a brainstem tumor and skin cancer.

His balance and vision are both affect but he can ride a bike.

There is something in the forward momentum of the bike and pedalling that is actually helping is rehab.

Please, take the time to look at his website.

​ ​

You must use Google Translate – he chose this because he has now been to so many countries.

Once you read a little of his story, I am sure you will catch a buzz.

He is not unlike the Terry Fox Story we all know so well.

If see a guy on a laden touring bike moving slowly in those rubber clogs, that’s him.

Ride along if you have time and give a show of support.

We all need inspiration from time to time – Sven brings it big time!


From the President

Hi Fellow CCC Members

Great news.

The first 2018 Thursday Nighter is in the books.

There is good news and not so good news to report.

First the Good News:

10 strong riders came out tonight – this is stupendous.

About 10 years ago Dennis and I talked about mimicking the PCC ride.

Tonight was a definite strong step in the right direction.

Thank you to everybody that made it out tonight – Chapeau!

There was some rust on most of us, but like always there are a few people in very good condition to start the season.

Special tip of the cycling Chapeau to Tom Herd because he showed that time in the saddle works!

The group split up into the headwind coming back from Lakeport as expected, so that was good too.

It is of course somewhat distasteful but that is how these rides are supposed to work.

That is the carrot, the barometer, the benchmark to gauge individual fitness.

Eventually we will all get fitter and then be able to contribute to the mutual thrashings!

The start time WILL ALWAYS BE 1800 hrs or 6:00 PM.

This is so that we can have more riding time for the group.

Okay, now the not so good news:

It is going to take me about 3 weeks to get my fitness on track and it is an odd feeling!

C ya soon