A Moment for Toshi

Toshi Hunt, former member of the club peacefully passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning at the Northumberland Hills Hospital after a long and courageous battle with cancer.
A much loved individual who will be missed by her family, friends and members of this club that knew her.

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Presqu’ile Pursuit Sunday, October 5th, 2014

10606063_264804723709903_1676578084601731430_nSunday, October 5, 2014


The Presqu’ile Pursuit is an event hosted by the Cobourg Cycling Club and takes place on the Inner Loop of Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton ON. It follows the structure of an Australian Pursuit bicycle race over 3 laps of roughly 6 Km each on a closed course in the park. This format allows a handicap for all riders based on current season Time Trial results or ability, allowing all participants an equal chance of success. The faster the rider, the later they depart the start line. First person to finish 3 laps wins!

Prequ'ile Park Loop

For those not inclined to race, attendance is highly encouraged to simply come out and ride the beautiful waterfront circuit at Presqu’ile (before and after the Pursuit), cheer on the racers and reminisce on a fantastic season during a BBQ lunch. Members of neighbouring clubs are welcome to join us for the non-competitive portion of this event in order to see what the CCC is about and to promote future membership initiatives.

For 2014 the club has rented the brand new enclosed Picnic facility on the inner loop of the park. A BBQ will be provided to encourage a season ending social gathering for Club members and other cycling enthusiasts alike. This is also the Start & Finish Line location. Bring your own food and drink and join us for a few hours in the park. We will be there rain or shine!


The “Pursuit” will take place between 10:30 and 11:30 AM. Pre-registration is required so that our time keepers can apply an appropriate handicap. If you are racing, please arrive no later than 10 AM to check in.

BBQ will follow with the grill “ready” by 12:00 Bring your own food and drink!

Leisure cycling is encouraged outside of Pursuit timings. Bring your family and ride one of the most scenic venues in Northumberland County. We simply ask that you remain clear of the course during the actual event in order to allow racers full road access.

Cost and Registration

Participants are responsible for costs incurred for Park entry. Ample parking is available on the West end of Lakehurst Street (300 Meters from the park gate) for those that wish to carpool or cycle into the park.

In order to offset facility rental, racers are asked to pay a modest $15 fee.

Please pre-register no later than Friday, October 3rd by emailing mtb@cobourgcyclingclub.com

Volunteer Requirements

  • 1 x Marshall at loop entrance
  • 1 x Marshall at Light House
  • 1 x Time Keeper at the Start/Finish Line
  • BBQ Attendant

**Please email us if you would like to volunteer**


We will proceed rain or shine! The enclosed picnic facility offers ample enclosed space for our social event!

Check out our page on facebook for pics, videos, info and chat!

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A Great Day to Get Nasty!

With the help and hard work from some amazing volunteers, Sunday’s Northumberland Nasty went off without a hitch! We had a fantastic turnout both from the CCC and from other clubs from Kingston, to Ajax, to Peterborough. Conditions were near perfect which made for some blistering fast riding in both the 45 and 65km legs.

Thanks to all who came out to participate and a special thanks to the volunteers and organizing committee for everything you did to make it a success, we heard nothing but “I’ll be back next year!!” from all the participants!

Click the photo below to view the complete gallery

Pete, leading out the 65km field before the first dirt section

Pete, leading out the 65km field before the first dirt section

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Tuesday September 9th, 2014 (Time Trial: 15km)

Archer’s Road Course
Rider Split Time
1 Brent Aquino 8.52 21.35
2 Greg Cushing 9.00 22.12
3 Tony Jacques 9.45 23.34
4 Dennis Poort 9.49 23.48
5 Lee Shooter 9.38 24.23
6 Gord Plue 10.09 24.51
7 Jamie Barnes 10.05 24.53
8 Ryan Frouws 10.11 24.56
9 Darryll Styles 10.22 25.20
10 Stewart Richardson 10.40 26.50
11 Glenn Finlay 11.03 27.33
12 Brad Johnson 11.14 27.56
13 Jana Jamnicky 11.30 28.44
14 Karen Richens 11.53 28.51
15 Harold Kuschnik 11.45 29.18
16 Rod Simpson 11.42 30.06
17 Adam Jamnicky 17.16 42.41

Time Keeper: Rob Naish
Helpers: Dave Naish, Peter Hennessy

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This Week’s Ride Schedule

Tuesday, September 9th

Tuesday Night Time Trials

This is the final TT of the season so make sure you don’t miss it. There are some very tight races for points  in all the categories that will decide the podium spots for this season. Should make for some exciting racing!

Time: Sign in by 6:30pm (Don’t forget your toonie!)
Start location: Corner of Normar Rd. and King St. Map
Route: Archers Rd

Thursday, September 11th

Gravel Roads Ride

The final one of the season!!

Time: Ride leaves at 6:30pm sharp
Start Location: Baltimore Rec Centre/Arena parking lot MAP
Description: *****Due to the dwindling daylight for this final ride we’ll be sticking around at the Baltimore Rec centre and working on some cyclocross skills and drills.*****
Ride Leader:

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2 Volunteers Needed for Northumberland Nasty

Just a reminder that our club’s first ever Northumberland Nasty is all set to go this Sunday, September 7th.  This is going to be an amazing off road event and will include both a 65 K and 45K course throughout some of our Counties most scenic routes.

If off road riding isn’t your thing or you just can’t ride that day and still want to help out, we are still looking for two volunteers to assist us in the short course sweep.  This basically involves driving behind the final group of riders on the 45K course from 10:00 to Noon to ensure everyone gets back safely. If you can ride shot gun or drive call Stewart at 905 373 3627.


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This Week’s Ride Schedule

Tuesday, September 2nd

Tuesday Night Time Trials

Time: Sign in by 6:15pm (Don’t forget your toonie!)
Start location: Corner of Normar Rd. and King St. Map
Route: Archers Rd

Thursday, September 4th

Tempo Ride

Time: Ride leaves at 6:15 sharp This is the last tempo ride of the season
Start Location: *****Shelter Valley Road in Grafton MAP*****
Route: TBD
Description: The group will meet at the start of the TT on Shelter Valley, then ride to the beginning of the loop at King road & Shelter valley then the ride will slowly ramp up speed and intensity. There are two loops of this and there is a cut-off at Broomfield from Centerton to Shelter valley that the dropped riders can use to get back on to the “A” group. Once the lead group or (rider) has completed the second loop at King & shelter valley, everyone waits there until all riders have shown up, then the group will ride back to the start at an easy pace
Ride Leader: A Group – tbd / B Group – tbd

Sunday, September 7th

The Northumberland Nasty

An event for off-road bikes offering two challenging distances along the back roads of Northumberland. Don’t miss out on this amazing event!! Click here for all the details

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Tuesday August 26th, 2014 (Time Trial: 15km)

Archer’s Rd Course
  Rider Time
1 Brent Aquino 20.36
2 Greg Cushing 21.09
3 Chris Herten 21.28
4 Tony Jacques 22.34
5 Tim Doris 23.30
6 Dennis Poort 23.39
7 Jamie Barnes 23.54
8 Gord Plue 24.19
9 Ryan Morris 24.30
10 Janet Baitley 24.42
11 Stewart Richardson 26.40
12 Glenn Finlay 27.02
13 Jana Jamnicky 27.49
14 Harold Kuschnik 27.50
15 Rod Simpson 27.56
16 Karen Richens 28.31
17 Madison Hathaway 29.16
18 Alain Cabardos 30.30
19 Adam Jamnicky 38.32
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This Weeks Ride Schedule

Tuesday, August 26th

Tuesday Night Time Trials

Time: Sign in by 6:15pm (Don’t forget your toonie!)
Start location: Corner of Normar Rd. and King St. Map
Route: Archers Rd

Thursday, August 28th

Dirty Thursday Mountain Bike Group Ride

Time: Ride leaves the Beagle Club rd. parking lot at 6:30pm sharp
Start Location: Beagle Club Rd. parking lot MAP
Description: Our mountain bike group rides will take members along some of the greatest trails Northumberland Forest has to offer. Riders of all skill levels are welcome and can be sure to have a great time and learn basic and intermediate skills from knowledgeable, experienced mountain bikers.
Ride Leader: Glenn Finlay

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Kevin Raper TT Results (2014)

Sunday the Northumberland Hills challenged racers in the annual Kevin Raper Time Trial.  Sunny skies and a good rider turnout made for a great day of racing.  Special thank you to Dave and Dot Singfield, Roy Martin and Tom Lyle for making the day a success.

Men Results (50km)

Pos Name Lap1 Total
1 Brent Aquino 39.47 1.20.25
2 Chris Herten 41.42 1.24.51
3 Greg Cushing 41.11 1.24.52
4 Gord Ley 46.53 1.35.05
5 Jeff Clark 47.19 1.36.18
6 Jamie Barnes 48.15 1.37.35
7 Tony Jacques 49.00 1.38.37
8 Darryll Styles 49.56 1.45.35
9 Mark Galanter 52.28 1.47.02
10 Stewart Richardson 53.14 1.49.06
11 Alain Cabordos 54.50 1.53.26

Women Results (25km)

1 Janet Hozleiter 51.24
2 Karen Richens 58.11
3 Jana Jamnicky 58.44
4 Dina Martin 1.01.10
Catherine Harnden DNF

Men Results (25km)

1 Mike Jacques 51.06
2 Brad Martin 52.36
3 Gordie Martin 1.01.30

Congratulations to Mark Galanter who won the Tyres by guessing his time the closest (1.47.00). Thanks Tom Lyle for the prize.

Results may vary from those read out at the end of the race. The spread between Chris and Greg was actually 0.78 of a second if I could realistically operate my fingers so accurately.

Time Keeper.  Dave Singfield.

Assisted by Dot Singfield, Roy Martin and Tom Lyle.

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