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Dear CCC member;

Please be advised that the Cobourg Cycling Club is hosting an end of season bike race in Presqu’ile Provincial park (Brighton) this upcoming Saturday October 1st. A social gathering (BBQ) will follow at the enclosed picnic shelter on the inner loop of the Park.

Full details are available on the CCC website.

The “Presqu’ile Pursuit” is a handicapped club event and caters to novice and experienced riders alike. Slower riders are given a time advantage based on this years TT times giving everyone a chance at the podium. Trophies will be awarded for the top Male and female riders.

Please check out the CCC website and register prior to Thursday by e-mailing

It would be great to see you there!


Your CCC Board of Directors.

P.S. CCC Members if you use FaceBook please go to the CCC Facebook Page and set up to receive the notifications and posts.

This is a CCC member only page.


Presqu’ile Pursuit Registration Don’t delay!

Time to sign up for the Presqu’ile Pursuit. Signing up early will help to ensure your proper starting Position.

As of this Posting 12 men and 3 women have committed to the event.

From Chris:

Numbers are strong at the moment with 15 already signed up. (This includes 3 women!) I know there are more people interested. I think we have the potential of 25 with a little bit of work. This would make it the best attended CCC event to date.

Published sign-up deadline was Wednesday Sept 28th to give Dave some time to run the start order.

Also looking to see if we’re on track with our volunteers? I’m assuming Dave is “in” but I also requested at least 1 Marshall (lighthouse) and a BBQ attendant. Second Marshall at the loop entrance would be nice but not entirely necessary if we’re short on people.
If you are not inclined to enter the event, volunteering to marshal is a nice way to participate. (

To register for the event or to volunteer please contact either Dave or Chris. 


Dirty Thursday 2016-09-22





Today is a great day for a MTB ride. After work you are looking at 40KPH gusts out on the road. Trees are your friend on windy days. If anyone would like to start early I will be at the Beagle
club parking area around 4:30. Bring some lights if a longer ride would be desirable.

Planning to ride on Thursday evening? The group will leave the parking area at 6pm. The group (if we have one) will return to pick up any late arrivals after a loop on the red. Then a loop on the orange trail. One more time back to the parking area. Then out on the blue.
Last night the riding was good without lights until 7:30.
A good workout but not harsh


Dirty Thursday’s

With the end of summer comes MTB season. At this time usable light is gone ​at
7:30. Lights are a great ride extender. Though not everyone has lights.
To be safe we will try riding at the Beagle Club at 6pm. Running laps we will return to the parking lot to pickup with any riders that arrive later.
​The Group will also be able to get back to the parking area before dark.

Easy riding to become acquainted with your neglected Mountain bike.

If you have lights please bring them along.

CCC TT Results 2016-09-13

15 km Time trial results
Shelter Valley
Rider Posn 7.5 Km 15Km
Greg Cushing 1 12.26 22.25
Adrian Greenwood 2 13.24 23.43
Jamie Barnes 3 13.51 24.36
Steve Timpson 4 14.02 24.40
Mike Jacques 5 14.07 24.54
Robert Tinney 6 14.08 25.32
Gord Plue 7 14.48 25.37
Mark Galanter 8 14.48 25.54
Jessica Fraser- Thomas 9 14.53 26.43
Glen Finley 10 15.16 27.23
Time Keeper  Dave Naish
Assistants  Dave Singfield,  Roy Martin, Sharon Lynn-Weese

A very big thank you to the Time Trial organizers and time keepers.

Tempo in the Park Night

Thursday evening will be warm and muggy. Therefore a little rain (if rain does happen during the ride) may have a nice cooling quality.

EC says the chance of rain is low.

We will be wet from the inside out anyway… This is a tempo ride! Maybe bring a towel.

Come on down and enjoy the park. Think of this as the Pursuit preride.

If you don’t want to tempo ride just bring your bike and ride in the park. Some club time would be a nice way to spend the evening.