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Tonights Tempo Ride – 6:00pm start

Since the days are getting a bit shorter we will start tonight tempo ride at 6:00pm. This will give everyone a bit more time to get home in good light.  We will be doing the Grafton/Archers loop again therefore if you can’t make 6:00pm please bike to archers and join in when you can.

Start Location: Merwin Greer School, Cobourg

Route: CCC Thursday Tempo Route


Dirty Thursday Gravel Ride

This weeks Gravel/adventure ride will start at the Beagle Club parking lot. Some different adventure roads and some roads that most of us don’t see too often.
The township roads have lots to offer. The scenery is spectacular. The roads are quiet and almost car free.
6:30 at the Beagle Club. Let us know if you plan to attend in the comments or on the Northumberland Cycle Group Facebook page.

In The News – July 25th

Presqu’ile Pursuit Tempo Ride

12 riders made the trip to clip in for a beautiful night of riding on smooth roads at Presqu’ile Park .  The peloton was seduced by the sweet smell of open campfires each lap, but the group demonstrated extreme mental toughness, with zero riders quitting to visit the hospitality site.  Special thanks to the Chris and Julie for the additional hospitality afterward. As promised high grin factor achieved on this ride.

Warrior Dash

CCC Member Tim Doris came 8th at the Warrior Dash hosted in Barrie last weekend, and has qualified for the world championships in Tennessee this October. Tim mentioned this was one of the hardest things he has ever done, but said it is crazy fun and recommends giving one a try.



July 28th Time Trial – Grafton to Centreton

New for this year we will be having a couple of time trials on a course with more elevation. This may help even out the climbers and the power riders.  Next weeks 10km course will go north from Grafton (just north of highway 2) to Centreton. The course will have a challenging 200m of climbing but also has some fast sections as well. It is not a short Hill Climb TT, but rather similar in nature to the Kevin Raper 50K Hilly TT terrain.  Come on out and embrace the beautify rolling hills this area has to offer.

When: July 28, 6:30pm
Start location: Bottom of Lyle Street hill just north of highway 2.
Route: Grafton Lyle Street Course
Parking: Car park south of 401 on Lyle Street.

Weekly Ride Update!!!

Presqu’ile Provincial Park – Updated Details

We will meet at 6:30 outside the Presqu’ile Provincial Park main gate. Stewart has offered room for 3 riders for those that wish to carpool.  There is plenty of free parking available in this area along the border of the firewood sales lot or on Lakehurst Street.  Park fee’s are also free if you enter by bicycle.

Thursday July 23rd – Dirty Thursday MTB Ride

Forgot to mention that this week is also a dirty Thursday MTB ride for those seeking a little adventure in the woods.

Time:  6:30pm sharp.
Start Location:  Northumberland Forest Parking Lot. 101 Beagle Club Road.
Route: TBD. Likely some winding trails in the woods
Ride Leader: Jamie Barnes