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Social ride and Pancakes 2017-03-16

For a some years, a few folks have been starting the social ride part of their season with a ride to the
This year April 16 is the chosen date for the ride. We have extended an invitation to the to ride with us.
This will be a leisure ride. (You can ride hard the Saturday before if you wish) The ride is approximately 60km out and back. Let us know if you would like to ride. The ride should wear off anything you can cram down your throat.
More details to follow.

Ride Leaders Wanted

The Cobourg Cycling Club is in need of a few ride leaders.

(Ride leader does not mean that you must be on the front pulling all day) 

If you can lead a ride please let Greg, Dave, Dennis, Gord or Jamie know. Many of our members must have a favorite loop, or challenging bunch of hills that they are willing to share. Time to take us out for a ride. A nice easy leg stretch ride is also welcome. A “Day Before” or Day After” ride is better with friends. 


New Year Message from our Presedent

Happy New Year to all the members and families of the

Cobourg Cycling Club.

I propose a toast: To all cyclists, have a Happy New Year

filled with full lungs and strong legs.

My favourite day and night of the year passed on Wednesday,

the Winter Solstice.

Now’s the time to dust off the bikes and get your Base

training dialed in.


For years I have looked at the season in chunks.

The main winter chunk is here now.

For about 6-10 weeks we are blessed with some good solid

trainer time.

However, for hard core riders in the winter, Saturday and

Sunday can often provide some fine outside training.

These trips outside break up the dryness of indoor slugging

on the trainer.


I have seen Dr. Plue out over the past few weeks. I think he

is after Jamie’s time trial crown.

Winter trail riding is always fun too. On a nice day you

will be sheltered from the wind.

Throw some studded tires together and hit the snowmobile

trails early when it’s icy.

When you think you know your bike and trails or roads, add a

night ride.

This is the time of year to experiment with your riding.


Don’t shy away from the cold.

After all, most Canadians have skied or played hockey. If

you have ever been to an outdoor rink, how tough is outdoor

riding really?

Canada is still a young country and not everyone has

accepted that bicycles are powerfully versatile.

If you do go riding as described, ride with caution.


In downtown Toronto there are cyclists everywhere all year


From couriers to commuters, the city is steeping with


Let’s get the Club’s Mojo rocking early this year.

When you start training now it justifies that extra helping

of Christmas Cheer.

Let’s get the bikes rolling.


Happy 2017,

CCC Awards night and AGM

Don’t forget out club Awards night and AGM. 

Please let Dave Singfeild know if you plan to attend. We need to know how many dinners to order.

Cobourg Cycling Club  2016 trophies.


Henri Joachim Trophy

Sportsman of the year 2016


Racer of the year  2016

Rob Tinney  –

Kevin Raper Memorial Trophy – 2016

Jamie Barnes

1Hr 51min 53 sec

Women’s Challenge Trophy – 2016

              Sharon Lynn-Weese

58 min 30 sec

Youth Award  Trophy – 2016

              MaleGordie Martin

Female: Not awarded this year

Pam Joachim Memorial Trophy – 2016

Bryan Tyers

21 min 00 sec

Ladies Champion 2016

Jessica Fraser- Thomas

26 min 11 sec

Presqu’ile Australian Pursuit – 2016

Men’sGordie Martin

Women’s: Dina Martin

Best Novice 2016

              Alwin Reid 

Hill Climb Champion – 2016

              Jacob Jamnicky

Time Trial League

Men 60+

1st Adrian Greenwood

2nd Stewart Richardson

3rd Doug Thompson

Men 50 – 59

1st Tim Doris

2nd  Jamie Barnes

3rd  Gord Plue

Men youth – under 18

1st Alex Galanter

2nd Gordie Martin


1st Jana Jamnicky

2nd Dina Martin

3rd Jessica Fraser-Thomas

Men 18 – 49

1st Mark Galanter

2nd Robert Tinney

3rd Dennis Poort





Bryan Tyers  –             21:00

Jacob Jamnicky           21:31

Craig Doucet   22:17



Alwin Reid                 23:45

Steve Allen                 24:54

Brad Corlett                25:14

Robert Tinney 25:39



Paul Zeggil                  26:12