Q+A : Meet The Board Of Directors

We’re back with another Q+A! Today we meet Janet Baitley, Treasurer and Advocate for Women in Cycling. 

Janet seen here on the left representing the CCC at a local Cobourg race

1. How many years have you been cycling?

I have been cycling for almost 20 years. Cycling “found me” while looking for a way to maintain fitness after being sidelined by a running injury.  I fell crazy in love with this amazing sport and have never looked back. I have had the good fortune to be in the presence and under the guidance of some pretty cool and awesome people.

2. What is a highlight from your years of cycling? 

The 80,000+ kms and countless hours I have spent “suffering for the sake of suffering” on the wheel of my biggest believer and fan, Brent Aquino aka ‘The Big Viking’ who is my partner in life and on the bike. “Oh, the places we will go, the people we will meet and the things we will see”.

Being part of the historic Donut Ride in the company of some of Ontario’s amazing female cyclists such as Merrill Collins (my girl crush), pulling through at crazy speeds with Cheryl Rondeau. Beating my fears into submission and lining up at The Bay of Quinte Road Race with some of the awesomely talented Elite 1/2 women in Ontario that year. Scared out of my knickers and humbled that I got to race and ride with them and hearing “I’ve been chicked” as I crossed the finish line.

Riding with my club mates as Honour Guard on our founding member Henri Joachim’s funeral procession. An overwhelming and very significant memory I will carry with me.

There are many more highlights from my life behind bars, but the biggest highlight has been my ability to bring this gift of cycling to my grandson who is so very eager to learn. I have to say my heart is full when we analyze our ride data, work a pace line or simply strive to reach a new distance milestone. The best conversations can be had on a bicicletta. 

3A. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club? 

The thing I like best about being part of this cycling club is honouring that which has come before me. An idea that was born between a couple of individuals in a little lakeside town in Ontario in 1972 is still alive today and to me that is pretty awesome. There will always be those times that we ask ourselves “Why bother” “It’s only a volunteer position” and those are the times we have work harder to stay true to their vision and keep it alive. Paying It Forward!!!

3B. As a Board member what do you hope to achieve this year?

My goals as a Board member in the midst of a pandemic are just to see the club do its best to get back to some  semblance of business as usual. Last year my focus was going to be working (alongside my grandson) to assist in the development of a youth presence in our club.

4. Any goals for the 2020 cycling season? 

I will ride, ride, ride, and ride some more with my “Lead Out Man” for saddle time and maintenance in anticipation of the 2021 race season.

5. Roadie or Off Roadie? 

A Roadie! Definitely a Roadie! Always a Roadie! I love the fact that Roadies are steeped in rules, tradition and etiquette. The Velominati all the way!!

6. Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks? 

I am typically Team Whatever Is Clean Socks! But hopefully its the short socks cause my tan lines are messed up enough. People laugh and point in the grocery store. True story!

7. Espresso or Americano? 

Neither! But….. a nice post ride chianti classico…. sign me up! And there has to be chips!

8. What club rides can we find you on?

For now, you will find me on the Wednesday Night Rides, but when we are back to a full calendar I will definitely be on the Monday night Skill Development/Tempo or Crit (I like going fast). Maybe the Tuesday night TT (TT’ing is just not my cup of tea but I will do it if the Big Viking goads me into it), and Weekend Long Rides and I’m sure I could be convinced to give the Friday night Women’s Ride or Zip/Social Rides a go! Do the social rides include any Italian reds or maybe cupcakes?

9. My Most Favourite Cyclist/Cycling quote?

Good is something you do, not something you talk about. Some medals are pinned to your soul, not to your jacket. Real heroes are others, those who have suffered in their soul, in their heart, in their spirit, in their mind, for their loved ones.Those are the real heroes. I’m just a cyclist.

The Most Incredible, Amazing, and Humble Gino Bartoli

Janet shown here with “The Big Viking” Brent Aquino, and grandson Braedan at the Terry Fox Ride

Club Ride Tonight- Waivers! Hot!

Hey everyone, exciting and very hot day today! It will feel like 36 degrees at our start time, so be sure to have your water bottles full. Might be a good idea to add in electrolytes, some apple juice or iced tea in order to stay hydrated. Stick with what you know, it’s not a good idea to switch up the program on such a steamy night.

Just a reminder that you must have a signed waiver on record with the Club as well as having a copy with you in order to join in tonight’s ride. If you haven’t done so yet, please email your waiver to info@cobourgcyclingclub.com.

Here are the details again for tonight:

This is an intermediate (25kph +), no drop ride. MAX 10 Riders allowed, first come first serve for tonight. Pre-Registration will be available for future rides (we’re working on it, thanks for your patience!)

Ride Leader : Greg Cushing

Start Time: 6pm

Meeting Place : The carpool parking lot at County Road 45, Highway 401 and Division St. North https://goo.gl/maps/nQYV9Up9gqctGFXh6

Route Map: https://www.strava.com/routes/2714894878214135370

Q+A : Meet The Board Of Directors

Welcome to the first in a series of Q+A’s that will feature our Club’s Board of Directors. Today we meet Greg Cushing, Club President and Ride Leader for our first Club Ride of 2020. 

1. How many years have you been cycling ?

GC: I started cycling in 1987 to enhance my hockey training. In 1991 I began Mountain Biking and became quite good at it. I was fortunate enough to have Tom Jehlicka as a close friend and Mentor.

2. What is a highlight from your years of cycling? 

GC: Racing with Z-Team/Pedalinx/Zuck Bikes, Brent Aquino, fellow CCC Board Member was on the team as well. It was a great honour to be asked to join that team, they were the best. Racing the Pro/Cat1 race at the Tour de Via d’Italia Criterium in Windsor as a contributor to the race rather than pack fill was the piece de resistance. Chapeau. I had accomplished more than I had hoped possible.

3. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club? 

GC: My early days as a member of the club were spent developing and honing my fitness and skills under the leadership of Dave Singfield. After seeing the way the club helped improve my cycling fitness, I was motivated to contribute to the Club as a payback for what I received. I hope to see the Club survive and grow.

4. Any goals for the 2020 cycling season? 

GC: Ride as much as I can!

5. Roadie or Off Roadie? 

GC: Mostly Roadie 

6. Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks? 

GC: I am a traditionalist in a lot of ways. So, to answer the question, thin white socks, just above the ankle, because that is what the pros wore in the years of the sports’ development in Europe.

7. Espresso or Americano? 

GC: Neither, don’t drink it- but if I had to pick I’d say Espresso. It seems to match my style.

8. What club rides can we find you on?

GC: In a normal season, you would find me on the Pancake Ride, and the President’s Ride. This week, you’ll find me leading our Wednesday Night Ride. When we grow the calendar, I will be involved in Monday Nights which will be Development Nights, either a Tempo Ride or Crit

CCC: Thanks for this Greg! We’ll see you on the road…..

Woot Woot! Group Rides start again this Wednesday, July 8th at 6pm.

We’ll be starting the season off with our popular Wednesday Night Road Group Ride through the hills of Camborne, Baltimore and around. Meeting place will be the Carpool Lot on Division Street for wheels up at 6pm. Club President, Greg Cushing will lead on this very exciting inaugural ride of 2020. A few weeks ago, this day seemed like it would never come, but it has. Come out and join us! This is an intermediate (25kph +), no drop ride.

Meeting Place

The carpool parking lot at County Road 45, Highway 401 and Division St. North

Route Map



In order to be eligible for participation in this ride, you MUST follow the instructions below:

  1. Have an active, current membership with the CCC

2. Read and understand the OCA Progressive Return To Ride Policy, available here: http://cobourgcyclingclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Return-to-Sport-Update-V3-June-10.-2020.pdf

3. Sign the OCA Covid-19 Waiver available here: Adults (18 Years of Age and Older Minors (Under 18 Years of Age)

4. Email a copy of your signed waiver to info@cobourgcyclingclub.com prior to Wednesday

5. Have a copy of the waiver with you to show our rider leader on your phone or a print out

6. We have a MAX number of 10 riders. This week will be first come, first serve. We are working on ride pre-registration for future rides.

7. If you are feeling ill or have symptoms of Covid-19 PLEASE STAY HOME. Not sure if you have symptoms? Please do the Self-Assessment available through this link https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/symptoms.html

Failure to complete any of the above steps will require Ride Leaders to exclude you from participation in any CCC rides. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we work to get rolling in the current environment. Please comment below if you will be joining us. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Ontario Women’s Cycling Week – July 6 – 12, 2020

Women of cycling, mark your calendars! The OCA has organized a week of Women’s specific programs in lieu of the postponed Ontario Women’s Ride Day. Programming includes panel discussions by Inspirational Women in Cycling, stretching for female cyclists, comfort tips, Diversity and Inclusion, how to change a flat and a wrap up social. Also on the agenda is a No Drop all Women’s Zwift ride. All you need to do is follow the link below to register and load Zoom up on your fave device to tune in. Spread the word, and see you there! #ONWomensActivityWeek 


Get Ready to Roll

Happy Canada Day to all our Members! Get your bikes tuned, your tires pumped and top up those water bottles, the Cobourg Cycling Club is pleased to announce that we will be launching our season shortly! After much review of the OCA Return To Sport Guidelines, your Board Of Directors is ready to roll out some group rides in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to this space, our Instagram or our website for updates on important information about new guidelines for group rides. This is a great time to renew or start your membership with the CCC as we are honouring the Club portion of your fees through to 2021. That’s right, a 2020 Membership will take you through to the end of season 2021. (Please note, that this does not apply to the OCA portion of the Membership Fees). We are so looking forward to being on the road (and gravel) with you soon!

From the President

To All Club Members:

As you can imagine, there are many considerations to review before starting up Club activities.

The has been very evident each day in the news.

Over the course of the next week, I will review all the available information/

At which point I will consult with OCA and BoD members so we can bring the moves to Club members.

I am well aware of the changes happening in the province.

As I asked at the beginning of this back pandemic in February, please be patient.

These are definitely unprecedented times.

It is important that we make any steps forward cautiously.



Ever Important Water

Hi Everybody:

Here is a coaching tip:

Water accounts for about 70% of your body weight.

Losing a tiny fraction of this water will cause performances to drop.

Without getting into details here, the body’s cells need water for basic function.

For the runners in our Club, here is some science for you to think about:

Average adult at rest consumes about 0.25L of Oxygen per minute or 70 Watts of heat output.

When running a 6 minute mile pace, oxygen consumption rises 16-fold to over 4L/min.

The amount of heat generated increases in excess of 1100W!

This discussion will not get into ambient temperature effects.

Bare in mind the evapourative cooling (sweating) must occur.

A 70kg runner, in warm conditions, burns about 1000 kcal/hr.

In order to facilitate the extra heat removal, the body will lose about 1.5L of water (H2O)/hour.

So, in hot conditions, runners can easily lost 2L of water per hour.

A loss of just 2% of body weight (or 1.5L/hr @70kg) can cause a significant drop in performance.

Take some time to understand what your body needs under the duress of racing during tough training sessions.

You can control the outcomes best if you prepare for many possibilities.

Just putting miles in on the trainer, on the roads or in the woods is not enough.

Take some time to listen to that beautiful machine that makes it all happen.

Don’t forget your screen – it is that time of year too where we can get sunburned because so many of us forget that we do get HOT summers despite the rains and snows of the winter months.

Happy trails,

Greg Cushing

PS: A bit more science for you:

Water balance at rest
Excerpted from Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Seventh Edition, by W. Larry Kenney, PhD, Jack H. Wilmore, PhD, and David L. Costill, PhD

Under normal resting conditions, the body’s water content is relatively constant: Water intake equals water output. About 60% of our daily water intake is obtained from the fluids we drink and about 30% is from the foods we consume. The remaining 10% is produced in our cells during metabolism (recall from chapter 2 that water is a by-product of oxidative phosphorylation). Metabolic water production varies from 150 to 250 ml per day, depending on the rate of energy expenditure: Higher metabolic rates produce more water. The total daily water intake from all sources averages about 33 ml per kilogram of body weight per day. For a 70 kg (154 lb) person, average intake is 2.3 L per day. Water output, or water loss, occurs from four sources:
Evaporation from the skinEvaporation from the respiratory tractExcretion from the kidneysExcretion from the large intestineHuman skin is permeable to water. Water diffuses to the skin’s surface, where it evaporates into the environment. In addition, the gases we breathe are constantly being humidified by water as they pass through the respiratory tract. These two types of water loss (from the skin and respiration) occur without our sensing them. Thus, they are termed insensible water losses. Under cool, resting conditions, these losses account for about 30% of daily water loss.

The majority of our daily water loss—60% at rest— occurs from our kidneys, which excrete water and waste products as urine. Under resting conditions, the kidneys excrete about 50 to 60 ml of water per hour. Another 5% of the water is lost by sweating (although this is often considered along with insensible water loss), and the remaining 5% is excreted from the large intestine in the feces.

Needed OCA waiver(s)

I may be getting ahead of the program but the following waivers are needed if we start club activities again. Having completed your waiver in advance may ensure that you are able to participate.
Please read and sign and submit the appropriate waiver if you plan to participate.

Ensure you have completed your ONTARIO CYCLING ASSOCIATION ACKNOWLEGEMENT, RELEASE, INDEMINITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK REGARDING COVID-19 (must be completed by member and parent/legal guardian if under 18) and submit copies to your club/team for confirmation.
o Adults (18 Years of Age and Older)
o Minors (Under 18 Years of Age)

A news brief from Cycling Canada

Hi Cobourg Cycling Club Members,

Canadian Cyclist has a news brief from Cycling Canada.

This short update spells out how Ontario Cycling via the OCA will evolve in the near future.

As I am sure everybody is already doing, the Cobourg Cycling Club will pay close attention for the developments.

Stay tuned, stay safe and have fun.
Greg Cushing


OCA Indoor Road Race Series Race #2

WHEN:May 9, 2020 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm SPORTS : ROAD RACE

This is the second race in the OCA Indoor Road Race Series.

Tech Guide: OCA Indoor Road Race Series Tech Guide v1.1

In order to track your results you will need to register with the OCA by 6:00pm Friday May 8th, 2020.

OCA Indoor Road Race Series Registration: OCA Registration Link

By registering we will be able to create start lists and finalize results which will be posted on the OCA website.

The race will begin at 10:30 am on Saturday May 9th, 2020. To join search Zwift Events for ‘OCA Indoor Road Race Series’. For first time users of the Zwift platform we ask that you start setting up your profile at least 45 minutes before the race. If you already have a profile set up please login 15 minutes before the race.

This week the course will be the famed Astoria Line 8 Course. Using the Perimeter Loop in Central Park Manhattan, this 11.5 km loop is sure to thrill as many New Yorkers have described the layout and gradient to be fairly pitch perfect. There is some climbing, but nothing to shake a stick at.


OCA Event Coordinator – Chantal Thompson events.team@ontariocycling.org

Race Director – Andrew Paradowski, ARC Event Management

Tom Lyle, Long Time Member

Hello Fellow Cyclists

Today, albeit a bit later than I had hoped, I am sharing sad news regarding a fellow cyclist, friend and personal role model.

Tom Lyle, the Cobourg Cycling Club’s current eldest member, died at age 92 of natural causes on April 12, 2020.

Dave Singfield shared the news last week with several of us.

Tom passed peacefully with his wife Jean and their family by his side.

Special arrangements were made by the hospital for the family to be there in support.

Due to the medical issues we all are presently experiencing, there will be a celebration of Tom’s life post pandemic.

This is a difficult post to prepare because for those that knew Tom and those that didn’t know Tom, there is much to share.

What I can say in short, is that Tom was a passionate cyclist that began racing in the UK about age thirteen.

Tom kept cycling as he relocated to Toronto and raised his family and was still riding about age 90 despite failing eyesight.

As a career iron worker, Tom Lyle contributed to the construction of some Toronto’s finest skyline structures.

However, what has had the single, largest impact on me as friend, was Tom’s character.

I can best describe Tom with the highest true compliment that one man can give another:

Tom Lyle was a true gentleman.

And from one cyclist to another, “Chapeau Tom”.

Rest In Peace.

Greg – on behalf of the Executive

Note From Club President, Greg Cushing

Dear Members,

            The Covid-19 situation continues to intensify day by day. As the Club Administrators, we have been closely watching the guidelines and updates from public health officials, our town, and above all the guidance given to us by our governing body, The Ontario Cycling Association. On March 20th, the OCA released the following statement:

“We are advising all clubs, teams, athletes and members to postpone or cancel any gatherings such as group rides and in-person group meetings for the immediate future. Effectively immediately any club/team activity will not be sanctioned or approved. This will be under on-going review and any changes will be communicated.

This is a rapidly evolving situation that has affected all sectors. We will continue to track the latest developments and meet with our partners to assess the situation and its impact. The health and safety of everyone involved in cycling is our main concern and we are taking all measures within our control.

We hope that everyone remains safe during this trying time and that we all follow the advice of Canadian Health Officials.”

What does that mean for our Club? That means that we will be postponing the start of our programming for the foreseeable future. Rest assured, your Board Of Directors is working behind the scenes (remotely) to keep the administration of the club up to date, and are developing an exciting new Ride Calendar that will be ready to roll as soon as we get the green light. In the meantime, we are also researching virtual group rides and virtual TT options that we hope to be able to share with you soon.

Questions? Concerns? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any other member of the Board Of Directors.

Stay safe and do what you can to #flattenthecurve.

Ride On,

Greg Cushing

President, Cobourg Cycling Club.

Cycling Skills and Development (Poll)

Coming Soon
Would you attend Cycling skills sessions?
Would you attend Cycling skills sessions?
Would you attend Cycling skills sessions?

Would anyone be interested in ordering Club kit? (Poll)

Coming Soon
Would anyone be interested in ordering Club Kit?
Would anyone be interested in ordering Club Kit?
Would anyone be interested in ordering Club Kit?

Winter musings from Coach Greg

Hi Everyone,

Wow, what a great step into winter today was.
after minus 20C a few days ago, it was a whoppingly, mild
day at 5C!
I hope you got outside for some activity of some sort, days
like this are golden.
Of course I had to hit the roads, slow and steady, I might
add, to start my base work.
Today is my favourite day of the year, the Winter Solstice.
Once we get past Winter Solstice it has always been a mental
countdown to riding/racing season.
Our days will be inching longer as we move into the depths
of winter.
So, don’t despair.
In Europe, the cross season will slowly morph into the
Classics season.
When you want to see the hard riders of the sport, take in a
Classic race from any year.
I guarantee that you will be motivated to ride.
Winter is just a stage in the year when you get the chance
to recover and re-calibrate.
Take a moment to review your fitness records.
See how far you have come, review your goals for this season
and start making plans.
This little mental exercise will fuel your passion, even if
you do have to be on the trainer.
Give yourself an “atta-boy or atta-girl” for building your
fitness to the levels you have right now.
Be grateful that you can ride, run, walk and look after
Be grateful for the good health you have that enables you to
Be grateful for the wonderful roads and terrain in the
Cobourg/Northumberland County area.
Most of all, be incredibly gracious with your families for
their comfort and support.
Cycling can be incredibly selfish and we need understanding
families to believe what we are doing is a good thing.
We are all in this together and we really do have “a
wonderful life”.
Moving into the New Year, the Board and I will get the Club
re-registered and set plans for the Club rides.
I am certainly looking forward to working with the new Board
of Directors.
We can expect some great opportunities from 2020 – it is
just really cool to say isn’t it? 2020!
Before I ramble too much, I want to say Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year to all Club members and to our supporters.
Thank you to each one for believing in the Cobourg Cycling
I know for me and all the racing that I did, one of the
pillars of my training was my work with the Club.
And now as I ease into tourist- mode in my life, I can say
that each of you continues to keep the flame of a great ride
burning for me.
Be healthy, happy and safe this holiday season and start
planning for 2020 to be the great year it will be.
C ya
PS: Can you tell the endorphins are alive and flying in me