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Come ride with the Cobourg Cycling Club at Centurion New York Ellicottville, on August 17 – 19 and help us win the Club Challenge competition!  The club that earns the most points wins. Points are earned by each club member who finishes in the top 3 in their age group across any of the events (C25, C50, C100).

Saturday morning is the Centurion 25 ride and the ride with Pat LaFontaine event that includes some of the Buffalo Sabres.

On Saturday afternoon, come watch the individual time trial race and then on Sunday morning, ride the Centurion 50 or Centurion 100.

At Centurion events, you can always count on:

  • Traffic control giving cyclists the right-of-way
  • Coordinated start with pace corrals so racers can racer and riders can ride
  • Scenic and challenging courses
  • Chip timing from start to finish
  • Full technical and medical support on the course and at the venue
  • Feed zones along the course stocked with fluids and nutrition, and staffed by volunteers
  • Finish line festival including post race food
  • Full expo introducing participants to the latest in bikes and cycling gear

Register today!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride

Ready to ride @ 8a.m. tomorrow morning, August 4th from Sylvana’s restaurant in downtown Cobourg.
(It’s one block north of Scotiabank @ George St & Orange St)

We’re gonna head East along the flattest possible route we can find … it’ll be King/Archer’s/Lakeshore for approx. 1 hour, then turn around.
This is a social paced, no drop ride with the goal being to get back in time to catch Sylvana’s Breakfast Special!

Parking is available on street,in and around the area. Everyone is welcome.

See you Saturday


Additional Group Ride this Thursday

In conjunction with our 60km tempo ride, we will also be hosting a 40km ride tomorrow, the 2nd of August for those of you looking to go out at a slower pace. The ride leaves at 6:30pm from the Mill parking lot on Ontario St. and we’re hoping both groups get back at roughly the same time so we can chill on the patio afterwards for refreshments.

We hope to see you out!

Here’s the route map

Tuesday July 31st, 2012 (Time Trial: 15km)

Archer’s Rd Course
Rider 6k Split Time
1 Chris Herten 8.53 22.31
2 James Barnes 9.23 23.51
3 Kevin Jenkins 9.32 24.13
4 Gord Plue 9.54 24.42
5 Jeff Clark 10.19 25.23
6 John Howe 10.34 25.30
7 Adrian Greenwood 10.15 25.39
8 Louis Cabardos 10.19 25.54
9 Alain Cabardos 10.45 26.23
10 Stewart Richardson 10.28 26.24
11 Emile Cabardos 11.02 26.45
12 Harold Kuschnik 11.13 27.36
13 Jana Jamnicky 11.11 28.50
14 Toshi Hunt 12.37 31.25
15 Elizabeth Kuschnik DNF

Time Keeper: Rob Naish
Helpers: Dave Naish, Roy Martin, Lee Shooter