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Tuesday July 17th, 2012 (Time Trial: 15km)

Archer’s Rd Course
Rider 6k Split Time
1 Greg Cushing 7.57 20.47
2 Chris Herten 8.18 21.46
3 Tim Doris 8.53 22.46
4 James Barnes 8.53 22.58
5 Dennis Poort 8.50 23.16
6 Kevin Jenkins 8.56 23.47
7 Peter Hennessy 9.00 23.52
8 Gord Plue 9.04 23.59
9 Louis Cabardos 9.13 24.17
10 Michel Cabardos 9.15 24.20
11 Tracey Golaz 9.41 25.04
12 Jessica Fraser-Thomas 9.56 25.07
13 Jacob Jamnicky 9.36 25.18
14 Stewart Richardson 9.30 25.38
15 Erin Hathway 9.57 26.13
16 Emile Cabardos 10.22 26.49
17 Alain Cabardos 11.03 28.10
18 Jana Jamnicky 10.47 28.37

Time Keeper: Rob Naish
Helpers: Dave Naish, Roy Martin, Dave Singfield

Meeting for Cycle Transitions Monday, July 23

You are all invited to an organizational meeting for Cycle Transitions, a youth-focused initiative that will contribute to an increase in safe cycling in Northumberland County.

It will be held Monday, July 23rd at 6:30pm at the new GGT facilities – 739 D’Arcy St. (the old NuComm building). Parking is accessed off the south lanes of D’Arcy and is behind and beside the building.

Please click the link below for more detailed information.!138

Weekend Race Results

Congrats to Chris Herten and John Howe who both competed in the Centurion at Horseshoe Valley this past weekend. John came 3rd in his category in the C50km, and Chris moved up the ranks in the C100km finishing 14th overall and only 6 seconds off the pace of 1st place. Well done lads!

We had 4 other CCC members racing their mountain bikes in the Substance Projects eco race at the Ganaraska forest yesterday as well. Will Winn, Zach Winn (1st in the 40km race), Lee Shooter (1st in the 30km race), and Lorna Shooter (2nd in the 10km race), all racing hard and having a blast doing it.

Way to go everyone!