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  1. Great article Eileen!
    We are very fortunate to have someone so knowledgable with respect to fitness. I will be adjusting some aspects of my workouts thanks to the great points you make. The part on consistancy is what I find the most difficult and at the same time most rewarding. The key for me is to stick with it on those days when you just don’t feel like starting because once I do get started it feels good and rewarding. I noticed a distinct improvement half way through this past summer especially in my climbing strength due to my core work. It does take time but if you make it a realistic and maintainable lifestyle choice it pays off and promotes overall strength, better sleep, health and happyness.

  2. Will miss this.

    I have a bit of a cold so couldn’t pass the health check last night but hope you guys had fun.

    Looking forward to next year!!

  3. Hi Raff

    You and the board are doing a great job, keep it up. Any word on club riding gear?

  4. Nice to know some of the history. Thanks for compiling this information.

  5. How do we connect on Discord – what is the channel / server etc ? And how do we join the group – just join zwift at 6:25? I have followed the pres…

  6. That was great Raff, thanks! I had a problem logging onto discord, but what a great ride!

  7. It was a great experience and I look forward to another ride to get to know more riders. Can you provide any advice on Discord? I down loaded the app and tried the link you provided but the app indicated that the link was invalid or expired…..

    Thank you

  8. Thank-you!
    I look forward to be able to contribute to our cycling club, that offers so much to our county.

  9. Nice to get back on the course. Of course, 5 minutes after the ride I feel that I had more in the tank. Maybe next time.

  10. Yeh B-Monster Braeden
    Great Q&A…. soon you will be riding on Monday Nights !

  11. Hi Cobourg Cycling Club Members and interested cyclists.
    Ride leaders are a requirement for Club rides to meet insurance minimums.
    The Club pays a large amount of it annual fees toward insurance.
    The more Club members that have this training credit the easier it will be to hold any ride under the Club’s insurance.
    This is a great bonus because it is something you get when join any OCA affiliated Club.
    Right now, the cycling world is bigger, broader and more exciting than it has ever been – it is really moving toward a “Critical Mass”.
    My hope is that each Club member will have ride leader training.
    This way we will all understand the basic OCA insurance expectations and any ride can then qualify for coverage once it is logged on the calendar.
    Give it some thought, this is about commitment to your own beliefs.
    Ride leaders will help grow and develop this Club into the type of Club that you want it to be.
    The Cobourg Cycling Club began in the early 1970s as a family oriented group.
    Its longevity makes the Cobourg Club one the longest running cycling clubs in Ontario and probably Canada.
    Take pride in being part of the foundation of this Club as it re-establishes its place in the broader cycling community.
    If you are not sure what Ride Leader training is really about when you look at the link above, just ask a Board Member – there are lots of us.
    Keep riding, enjoy the weather and most of all, have fun on your bike.

    • If you snap your chain the tool can push the pin out of the broken link and push the pin back into your spare links to rejoin the chain.

  12. Thanks Greg, Well said.
    Interesting times we are in!
    We will roll when we can. Virtual TT could be interesting.

  13. Hi Everyone, This is just short reminder to everyone about the open training session this Saturday, November 16. Though titled Ride Leader training, it really is the basic fundamentals of group riding. There are a number of presentations to go through and we will likely need the full three hours. Just in case I talk a little too long, we have some wiggle room at the end. I will bring some water and juice and snacks – if you want something specific, you better bring it along. I am really looking forward to seeing everybody come out – it should be worth a view laughs too. Greg

  14. I’ll go if i’m around when is it tentatively going to happen. this will not be as much fun as a pursuit. I realize how difficult it was to run and without Chris it ended

  15. Thanks for posting the update on the weather JB. I hope that everyone that has been out at least once this year will make it out for the last tt next week. G

  16. Thanks is for the update. How are points calculated and why do they mean?

    • Wow…I should check for auto correct before posting. Lol. But you get what I’m trying to say!

    • The points are awarded by placing on the weekly event. First place 25 points, second 20 points… …
      The more points you have at the end of the season the closer you are to over all leader. More points equals better.

  17. Hahahaha! I sent Adrain an email last night and said Shelter Valley! lol

      • How can the road ride be all levels if the average speed is 35kmh an hour? This is confusing. Other members thought the Thursday road ride was not happening because of the gravel ride.

        • That message was corrected. I have three different was to receive and send messages as some can figure out how to use the web page, some “don’t want to be on Facebook” and some don’t use email any more. The gravel ride was the all levels. Sorry for the confusion.

  18. I’m new to the CCC, can you tell me what time the rides are tonight

  19. Hi Jamie
    I will volunteer like doing a corner or some cooking but no starting or timing.

  20. What will the date be? I can likely help somehow depending on the date

  21. I might be able to help depending on date. Organization, logistics and communications would be my areas of strength. Cooking…. meh, not so much.

  22. Is there a points leaderboard for the time trials this year can’t find one?

  23. Would be nice to get my stuff from last year. Emailed about 4 times to find out how but no one ever gets back to me. My fault for being out of the loop.

  24. Great spin last night, thanks everyone for your patience , Gary

  25. This is fantastic! Looking forward to group rides. Will have to miss the first 1…but will make the next!

  26. Looking at being there next week. It’s on our list of places to try.

  27. What is avg. speed of Thursday rides? (no drop or two groups?)

  28. Hi,

    I am looking to start level 1 road biking around Cobourg this summer. Can beginners join this club?

    Thanks in advance,


  29. How about a time? What time are we meeting at the Cat n Fiddle? lol

    • Also; can non-members (although a previous member for a few years) attend? I’d like to go and see the award presentations and hear the goals/changes for 2019.

  30. HI Curious if it’s OK to show up a 1/2 HR or show before the start and do this TT ?? Just not sure if I can make it or not at this point .

    • Hi Greg… Sorry I missed your message.
      The TT season has now ended though, in answer to your question, The CCC timekeepers must be on course to record your time to make it official.
      The CCC time trial courses are on Stava and Garmin Connect and you can unofficially ride the course at any time.
      The use of cell phones and GPS devices are not very accurate and would not be considered official. Also, bear in mind that you would not be covered under your OCA insurance as this would not be considered a club event.

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  32. Can’t seem to find the Club Facebook page unless it is the Northumberland Cycling Group page ?

  33. Hi CCC Members and Visitors
    Here are some thoughts to share with you:
    We are going through some transitions as a club.
    Each year we face rising operating costs and membership strain.
    If you know a potential sponsor, let’s talk.
    The Club is being challenged to maintain stand-alone operation.
    Our Executive group needs more hands on deck.
    We need more members to help with financials, organizing and floating positive ideas.
    What the Club needs is a really good shot of youthful enthusiasm.
    If you want to learn how to run a club, let us know.
    We can help!
    I would like to see the Club put a float in the Santa Claus parade, join in a local home-show with a booth demonstrating and talking cycling, see CCC members taking part in fund raising tours and lastly increase membership numbers while increasing activities.
    We are very low in women members and youth members.
    The Cobourg Cycling Club has a heritage that includes strong family activity but in recent years this has dwindled.
    Bring your ideas to the AGM or contact an Executive member to get the wheels turning for 2018.
    We all enjoy what the club offers but this can only continue with your individual support.
    See you at the AGM/Award night.

  34. For the first time we are welcoming OCA insured riders from other clubs and are happy to say we have riders from PCC, Lapdogs, WASPCam and Morning Glory in the Roster. This is a rare local race opportunity for those that are curious and want to give it a try. A perfect race venue whether this is your first or 101st race. Winters coming. Enjoyyour summer fitness now. Forecast is light wind and pure sun!

  35. Oops. I guess I missed some editing on the way out…please overlook this and just share the message. Thx G

  36. Well said.
    When I’m on my bicycle, I like to think of it as if I was on my motorbike. I like to ride and obey the traffic laws as such.
    At least until I stop for a coffee or a beer, then I respect the pedestrians that have the sidewalk.

    Safe riding everyone.

  37. Harold says “let the guys know I’ll be at Presqu’le – repeat 1 mile intervals with a couple of min. recovery, on main entrance road between beach 1 and park store, starting at 6:00. I’ll be parking outside main gate.”

  38. Not sure if we realized that Quinte West race and Ocup north of Toronto is on same day, would it be possible to change it for the weekend after or the weekend before? it would be nice to have a good delegation at Quite West race!


  39. Sounds great can I just drink a beer and watch you guys climb?? ?

  40. Rob is interested for sure. Me too…depending if I can get off work early enough.

    • PS…every other Thursday? Or another day during the week and keep the road rides Thursdya. From Rob

  41. As an update….sorry about the short notice.
    You can find the route on that silly Strava thingy for those that are interested. Keep in mind that next week’s ride will be different.
    Also, expecting a few strong riders to come out and put their faces into the wind.


  42. Thanks for the heads up Jamie. I hope everybody will save their energy for a great effort next week. Ciao. G

  43. Great update Greg! How about a short survey monkey to see what everyone wants? Also maybe post Adrian’s contact info so he can be contacted to arrange group social rides. Do we register for Kevin Rapper ride or just show up? Very nice about the donation aspect….and very much appreciated. Thank you! ?

  44. Let me know either here or on https://www.facebook.com/groups/Cyclegroup/ if anyone plans to ride the dirty Thursday this week. If you would rather do the Tempo ride at Presqu’ile Provincial Park we could move the MTB ride to next week and then continue on with the Gravel ride on it’s regularly scheduled time.
    Let me know quick!!!

  45. Toshi I only met out biking or at the why and did not know her well. However she always made it feel like you just reconnected with an old friend. Toshi was so nice. My condolences to her family.

  46. She had a passion for cycling and a passion of people! At 43, she was a young life taken too early to cancer. Thank you for your post Kevin.

  47. hello. I am interested in starting back into mountain biking. I was looking to start riding in Northumberland forest and came across your group’s name.
    will you guys be organizing any more rides within the forest, or do you have any other places you ride that are off-the-road, single track fun? It would be fun to get into riding again, and also to start riding with a group again.


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  51. Click the link on the right of our homepage that says “Become a Member” and follow through the instructions.


  52. Hi Dawson, you can ride whatever you like at the time trials, it’s a race against yourself so it’s all fair game. You have to be a CCC member to participate unless you have an oca racing license or are a member of another competitive OCA club.


  53. Just wondering, is the Tuesday night time trials mainly for road bikes? I have a 29er mountain bike but may still be interested.

  54. I will be there in any capacity needed. Katrina will be there. I am sure that I can get here boy friend to do something

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  56. Lee, please post the ride when you are done. I will be busy in the morning. Maybe I can do the ride in the aftern9n or on Sunday

  57. Well done everyone!
    I see Ryan Frouws did well.
    I’m Louis Frouws, author of “The Cyclist’s Mind Goes Everywhere”
    Please have a look at my facebook page: facebook.com/thecyclistsmind or thecyclistsmind.com
    Kind regards & happy cycling. Louis.

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  64. Wow, nice run for your first time out, Craig! Pity I got called out of town on business…not that I would have been much competition.

  65. Thanks Kevin and Kirsty for organizing and hosting a bunch of smelly people afterward.


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    • Shoot! You’re going to miss it again! Next year I’ll have my people call your people. Have fun with Deb on her B-day.

  68. Great pics…looks like great comradery…that’s what I miss about the club! You guys have inspired me to get on my bike and hit the rode! Keep the wheels turning!!

  69. You hung in there though, that’s the main thing! You all did great, looking forward to the next one.

  70. Awesome shot of the riders in the tunnel! Geeze, there wasn’t a single shot where I wasn’t gasping for air!

    • Hello bike riders
      I’m having a surprise open house on June 22 from 2 to 5 to celebrate Adrian’s 60th birthday. Please feel free to drop in and harass him. Best wishes only.
      Susan Greenwood

  71. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight.

    The weather had an easterly headwind (~30km/hr with gusts in the 50k range, at least that is what it felt like) and rain held off for ‘most’ of the TT. The ride back was another story.

  72. Hoping to make the tempo ride. Fair warning, keep a wide birth. It’ll be my first time riding in a group!! 😉

    • Thanks for coming out Pete, glad to have you as a CCC member again!

  73. Hi Philippe, if you click the JOIN link on our main menu, download the application and the waiver, fill them out and mail them and your cheque to the address listed you’ll be good to go.
    If you have any other questions, please email me at mtb@cobourgcyclingclub.com


  74. Hey guys, couldn’t make it out last night but still very interested in signing up. What should I do?

  75. Hey Kevin:

    I will be a little late getting to the cat and fiddle, will someone be there at 8:30 to take my money and registration?


  76. Tell big D not to stretch the XS trying to squeeze his arse into it!

  77. The filming looks good, and the experience must have been exhilarating.
    An experience to be remembered.
    Good for you guy’s

  78. Already thinking up some ideas for the next Event . Hows about a 30-45 min open course non timed practice session followed by a 40 min timed event. Members can ride the open session to improve on the skills or just to get a ride in , while the timed session would be for those who want to really mix it up. Just a thought.

  79. Thanks for the “early warning ” in regards to the postponement . I must agree that we do not want to damage the turf and risking losing the future use of Sinclair Park.The gravel ride will be a nice adventure for sure, I’ll be there !

  80. We’ll hopefully have the course set up by 10am so if they wanted to give ‘er a go then, that’d be fine, we’ll be there. All with your written consent of course.

  81. The club itself has no age limits for members but I’ll double check with the OCA regarding non-members trying out club events (no charge). It’s never been a problem in the past but 3.5 is pretty young! Please email me their full names and date of birth. mtb@cobourgcyclingclub.com

    If all is well with the OCA, I think keeping them limited to the warm up/learn to cross part of the morning would be best though to keep things safe.

    • Hi Kevin – Thanks for being open to this! I have not yet spoken to them about it – Just wanted to run it by you first before getting them pumped. I had no grand plans for racing excellence – just have them try a loop or something. Also, I think their focus / attention for ‘learn to ride’ would be pretty limited at this stage…
      At risk of being a bit of a micro-manager (okay, I admit that I am)… we have a few other things going on Sunday, and I’m wondering about the event’s schedule… Would it be possible for them to go earlier rather than later in the day’s event?
      Thanks for all your guidance!

  82. Your marketing pic suggests ‘all ages’…. Can I bring my little guys even though they are not members (Jilly age 6, Delyth and Evan age 3.5?) Happy to pay one day membership fee if that’s a possibility?

  83. Congrats to everyone for surviving the race. Kevin that looked like one nasty spill off of the bike. I was looking at the picture and really couldn’t imagine getting up and going again.

    Well done.


  84. Please note that the organizers are looking for a few MTB volunteers to help as rabbits/sweeps for the kids’ races. If you can help out please contact Rod Simpson at turkeytrot@northumberlandforestturkeytrot.org
    This is a great family event for kids and adults, put together partially to make sure the kids’ who’s extracurriculars got axed this year had something to look forward to. Please support it if you can.

  85. great documentation of a fun ride Jamie can’t wait to do it again on other roads

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  87. I have at least 2 sets of 28mm tires that could be used on this ride. If someone need these tires and the tires will fit you are quite welcome to borrow.
    Don’t worry the tires are pretty tough I am willing to take the risk.

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  89. Enjoyed the event! Thanks for hosting it. Great photos! Are the results posted anywhere?

    • Glad you enjoyed yourself Richard. Looking into getting the results posted soon.

  90. Let’s not forget our juniors ….

    OAT Provincial Draft Legal Championships

    Congrats to Madison Hathaway, Oliver Blecher, Domi Jamnicky (2nd overall) and Jacob Jamnicky (1st overall!)

    Well done!

  91. Thanks for posting the great pics!
    Lots of fun. Thx to Greg and crew for a great day of racing.

  92. Just to correct what was posted. The rides are all in miles. 25, 50 and 100 miles.

    • Odd, that post was copied directly from one of the centurion promoters emails. Thanks for point that out John.

  93. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome. Be sure to look me up with Java Blend Racing if you are ever in Nova Scotia and looking to ride. Cheers to Kevin and Kirsty for hosting a great ride.

  94. Had a great time last night though I didn’t take my own advice with the long socks….so…itchy….

    Thanks Pete!

  95. What a great job you all did! And enjoying every minute too!

  96. Hey Kevin:

    If you are goiing tonight can you let the timers know I will be screamiong into the start area around 6:15 due to flute lesson (not mine but daughters)


  97. I know Gord is fast, but perhaps a little soon for “God” status!!!!!! Enjoyed the birds-eye view of last nights TT. Looked like a fast night. Hope to see you all next week.


    • Hahaha, that’s what I get for posting stuff first thing in the morning!
      We were joking and saying that it was you flying overhead, that’s awesome man.

  98. Great job from the CCC crew , the new single track will be ready to ride for our next Club Mtb ride on May17th. The dirty half of the loop is pretty much clean , very rideable , and most of the PI has been cut back away from the trail side. Hope Louis back isn’t too sore, as he manned the shears all day on the PI duty. Thanks to Jamie and Lee for driving out to the trail saving us a bunch of traveling time to the trail head. Again thanks go out to everyone who gave up a Sunday morning to help out.

  99. I ll be there … I’ll check in the morning and make sure nobody needs the truck this weekend; should come in handy.

  100. Way to go Pete and Jamie. A crazy looking course, but it looked like fun.

  101. Membership forms, check. Waivers, check. Beer money, check. I think I’m ready to go! Hope to see you all there tonight.