Winding down with Coach Greg

Hi Club Members
Well, in short order the summer hours for riding will be all
but wound down.
We have just a bit of time left to get in a few more weekly
Club rides.
Last Thursday, we had our last August ride with a handful of
This week’s ITT saw only 3 hard core efforts written into
the record books.
Going back to an earlier post I made, this is the time of
year that the cycling season’s teeth bite in.
We still have some pretty reasonable weather left through
September and into October.
If you haven’t been out much this year, come out and give it
a shot.
You will be kicking yourself that you missed out come
November’s rains!
Hope to see you soon.

The (second) unofficial first Thursday night

The unofficial first Thursday night ride went off without a
hitch tonight.
A small group of 7 started from Cobourg toward Colborne.
Six of finished together back in town with a 2 hour ride
Good pacing was the order of the day as most of us are still
getting our spring legs.
The great thing about the ride was that it was consistent.
That is the effort that develops the best training effect
within the group.
As our skills and fitness improve it is my belief that the
fun factor will go up as well.
To everybody that came out tonight, thanks for the extra
push to hang in.
With the grey skies motivation for pushing pedals can drop.
The group tonight became coaches for me and I appreciate it.
Just remember that cycling has a way of getting even!
See y’all next week.