Winding down with Coach Greg

Hi Club Members
Well, in short order the summer hours for riding will be all
but wound down.
We have just a bit of time left to get in a few more weekly
Club rides.
Last Thursday, we had our last August ride with a handful of
This week’s ITT saw only 3 hard core efforts written into
the record books.
Going back to an earlier post I made, this is the time of
year that the cycling season’s teeth bite in.
We still have some pretty reasonable weather left through
September and into October.
If you haven’t been out much this year, come out and give it
a shot.
You will be kicking yourself that you missed out come
November’s rains!
Hope to see you soon.

The (second) unofficial first Thursday night

The unofficial first Thursday night ride went off without a
hitch tonight.
A small group of 7 started from Cobourg toward Colborne.
Six of finished together back in town with a 2 hour ride
Good pacing was the order of the day as most of us are still
getting our spring legs.
The great thing about the ride was that it was consistent.
That is the effort that develops the best training effect
within the group.
As our skills and fitness improve it is my belief that the
fun factor will go up as well.
To everybody that came out tonight, thanks for the extra
push to hang in.
With the grey skies motivation for pushing pedals can drop.
The group tonight became coaches for me and I appreciate it.
Just remember that cycling has a way of getting even!
See y’all next week.


Ride report 2017-06-01

Last evening the CCC Thursday night group ride gained two new participants. Tom and Franco climbed on their bike and moved right into the pack, The warm up portion of the ride east on County road #2 as normal had Greg reminding people to hold back a little. It is a warm up but fresh riders and maybe a day or so off the bikes adds a little P and V to the roll out. 

Heading north on Brookside is where the work begins. Not tough but the front wheels generally have a little more altitude than the rears. Still its a group ride lets keep it together. A little more slightly up stuff on the Danforth then left to Hoskin offers a little recovery before the first rise that may need some out of the saddle work. Rest won’t happen on the downhill. Something about the sound of air being sliced by spokes, I guess.

Hoskins road (no matter how you pronounce it) lets most begin to understand how pacing is good. If you don’t learn there then the Scott’s line will help you review the subject. Some weeks Scotts line is the last of the ride that will really add some definition to your legs. Some weeks South Burns road adds just a little more. 

County road #22 start’s the smiles. This is the first step up in the speed department. Time to start paying attention to the people around you. Broomfield road steps it up again. Bumpish! Not really bumpy but not really smooth. Regroup at the end.

King road will soon learn ya if your air pressure is right. This road is in rough shape, but even up hill faster than it looks. Head across Pipeline, down Broomfield again back to King for another loop. This loop is intended to let the big guns ride while the rest of us catch up or recover a little. Some will not ride this loop while others may ride three laps. 

Ok! Is everyone all caught up? Last gasp! Shelter Valley rocket. Why is this portion of road not so downhill on TT nights? Shelter Valley road down is way fast (if you want it to be). Lot’s of smiles at the end of this section. 

County road #2 is being widened from at least Shelter Valley to Grafton. Grafton to Colborne and east will be so nice.

Getting back…

Hwy #2 back to Cobourg is time to cool down and review the ride with others. Or like last night, have a shower before hitting a pub.

Plans are to meet as a local Pub or eatery for a little post ride recovery. You know like in all the magazines and on the internet. This is where the ride is relived or where to find what else everyone has in common.

Hope to see you there next week. Not very often does a bike ride end without some smiles.


Relive the Thursday Night Group ride.

Use the link to view the ride.