Hilly Time Trial June 14th, 2012

Dorset St. Course*
Rider Time 1 Time 2 Total
1 Zach Winn 1.48 1.57 3.45
2 Kevin Jenkins 2.03 2.06 4.09
3 Emile Cabardos 2.02 2.16 4.18
4 Tim Doris 2.15 2.13 4.28
5 Jacob Jamnicky 2.17 2.13 4.30
6 James Barnes 2.21 2.27 4.48
7 Gord Plue 2.27 2.21 4.48
8 Alain Cabardos 2.17 2.33 4.50
9 Michel Cabardos 2.29 2.24 4.53
10 Lee Shooter 2.28 2.48 5.16
11 Stewart Richardson 2.53 2.52 5.45
12 Kirsty Brown 3.16 3.21 6.37
13 Jana Jamnicky 3.28 3.37 7.05
14 Mette Aarlev 3.43 3.47 7.30

Time Keeper: Rob Naish
Helpers: Dave Singfield, Roy Martin and the whole cheering section at the top
*about 20 feet shorter than last year

Tuesday June 5th, 2012 (Time Trial: 15km)

Archers Rd Course
Rider 6k Split Time
1 Greg Cushing 7.56 20.56
2 Dennis Poort 8.27 22.15
3 Chris Herten 8.32 22.26
4 Tim Doris 9.00 22.52
5 Kevin jenkins 8.54 23.27
6 James Barnes 8.57 23.33
7 Gord Plue 8.58 23.56
8 Jacob Jamnicky 9.03 23.57
9 Michel Cabardos 9.18 24.40
10 Stewart Richardson 9.24 24.59
11 John Howe 9.27 25.25
12 Louis Cabardos 9.22 25.27
13 Emile Cabardos 9.47 25.28
14 Janet Hozleiter 9.37 25.40
15 Jessica Fraser-Thomas 9.47 25.42
16 Tracey Golaz 9.45 25.57
17 Alain Cabardos 9.33 26.04
18 Harold Huschnik 10.13 26.44
19 Mark Essak 10.00 27.10
20 Jana Jamnicky 10.14 27.42
21 Erin Hathway 10.28 28.13
22 Kirsty Brown 10.39 28.58
23 Elizabeth Kuschnik 11.54 32.52
24 Jacob Stapleton 12.00 32.56

Time Keeper: Rob Naish
Helpers: Dave Naish, Roy Martin, and Dave

Ride, Dine, and Film Fest

Beautiful weather, great company, and 3 route options along some amazing roads made for a fantastic group ride this past Sunday. Dinner at Ginger Thai was fantastic and the film fest was a hit.

Thanks goes to Maria Garret for heading up the organization to bring the 3 clubs together and to everyone else who helped make it happen.

Check out some of Jamie’s pictures from the long loop.

Test Your Mettle at the First Hilly TT

Come out to the first Hilly Time Trial of the year tomorrow night (Thursday May 10th) and see what you’re made of!

We meet at the end of the Lafarge driveway on Racetrack Rd. at 6:10pm, ride over to the start for 6:30 and go until the last racer crosses the line. For a map to the meeting point go HERE.

We hope to see you all out there!

Another Productive Trail Day

9 CCC members turned out for another successful day of trail work in Northumberland Forest. We spent 2.5 hours putting the finishing touches on half of the new 5km single track parcel. Great work everyone and thanks again for your dedication.

Info on the next trail day will be up shortly so stay tuned!

Trail Maintenance Day This Sunday

The CCC will be hosting a trail maintenance day this Sunday, the 6th of May to help put the finishing touches on a newly reclaimed piece of single track in Northumberland Forest. We’ll be leaving the Beagle Club parking lot at 10am sharp and expect to be in the woods for 2-2.5 hours. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact us at mtb@cobourgcyclingclub.com so we know who to expect.

When: This Sunday May 6th at 10am
Where: The Beagle Club Rd. parking lot off hwy 45. See the MAP
What to bring: Long pants, long sleeve shirt, boots and gloves to protect against poison ivy. Pruners, rakes, shears. Water, something to eat.

Hope to see you there!

Members Forum

We’d like to encourage you all to check out the Members Forum, it’s easy to register and a great way to keep in touch with other members.  We post rides there, info on other great events, want and forsale ads, and a great place to shoot the breeze.  The more users, the better it gets.

Check it out!

Successful Trail Day in Northumberland Forest

Cobourg Cycling Club members Jamie Barnes, Peter Hennessy, and Kevin Jenkins spent a few hours in the woods on Sunday and made great headway, clearing 5km of singletrack in the Northumberland Forest.

If anyone, member or non-member, has any interest in helping out, please contact us at mtb@cobourgcyclingclub.com and keep checking back here for details on the next trail day coming shortly.

Great turnout for Dirty Thursday mountain bike ride

Thanks to all who came out for the first Dirty Thursday ride. We had an awesome showing of 13 riders out for a solid hour and a half ride. There was lots of grunting on the uphills, hooting and hollering on the downhills and smiling faces back in the parking lot. What more could you want from a ride?

Can’t wait ’til next month, hope to see you all there!