TT Cancelled.

Radar is showing a big gap in the rain though I don’t know how big. The next line of rain looks to be about 2 -2 1/2 hours away.
The secondary roads are still wet out here.I will say another rest day. At least you won’t have to wash your bike.

James Barnes

CCC TT 2018-08-21

From Environment Canada"The threat of severe thunderstorms will begin this afternoon and persist through this evening.

Although the primary threats associated with these thunderstorms are torrential downpours and damaging winds, there is also the chance of an isolated tornado."

The chances of riding a TT tonight looks very slim.
This will be a very big dump of rain today. If the roads are wet at 4pm kr anytime thereafter consider this a rest day.

Kevin Raper – results.

Congratulations to Chris Herten for an excellent ride.

Kevin Raper 2018
Oak Heights, Burnley, Warkworth course.
Posn Name 25 km 50 km
2 laps – 50 km.
1 Chris Herten 40.12 1 hr. 21.47
2 Craig Doucet 43.25 1 hr. 29.19
3 Ian McKelvey 43.50 1 hr. 29.21
4 Dennis Poort 47.03 1 hr. 34.44
5 Tom Herd 48.34 1 hr. 37.42
6 Jamie Barnes 49.22 1 hr. 40.45
7 Mike Jacques 48.29 1 hr. 41.23
1 laps – 25 km.
1 Darryll Styles 57.03
Time Keeper ; Dave Singfield

From Dave

The 2018 Kevin Raper TT is a go.

There are 7 riders for the event.

10.00 am Start at the corner of County Road 29 and Ferguson road at Oak Heights near Villa Conti restaurant.

$10 entry fee for club members and $15 for guests.

Riders are responsible for understanding and following the correct route.

No Marshalls on the course.

Darryll Style

Tom Herd

Jamie Barnes

Ian McKelvey

Mike Jacques

Dennis Poort

Craig Doucet

No women have entered the one lap race.

James Barnes

Kevin Raper Registration

Don’t forget to let Dave know your intentions regarding the Kevin Raper TT. (I am only the messenger boy)
I will check with Dave a 4 this afternoon and let everyone know the verdict after then.As of last night, only 4 people had shown interest. That wouldn’t be much of a race.
Check back this evening.

James Barnes