Introducing the CCC 2020 Board of Directors.

President         Greg Cushing

Treasurer         Janet Baitley

Secretary         Harold Kuschnik

Members at large;

 Dave Singfield as Past President

 Roberto Almeida,

Brent Aquino,

Jamie Barnes,

Glenn Finlay,

 Pete Hennessy,

 Jo-Anne Magne ,

Raff Melito,

Corey Watts,

Sharon Lynn-Weese

Tara Smith-Wilson

Good Evening Club Members,
Tonight we held our Annual General Meeting and Awards
Thank you to all of those members that were able to attend.
If you didn’t make it this year, hopefully we will see you
next year.
Personally, I thought everything met expectations and went
according to plan.
Without members, we do not have a Club, we win no awards and
we get no dinner!

Members may like to know that we have the largest new Board
of Directors ever.
More importantly though is the fact that the Board will have
5 women on it.
We will be meeting in the first part of the New Year to
re-grease the Club’s wheels.
During the early part of the year, The Board will register
the Club and set a preliminary event calendar.
If any member has ideas for rides or events, please see a
Board Member to bring the idea forward.

A note of thanks to Craig for letting me have some fun with
him tonight and put him on the spot.
With the new Board as it is, we will look at hosting a pot
luck style banquet.
It is a good idea and an excellent twist on building
friendship and camaraderie.
The Club is what we all want it to be and I have never met a
cyclist that does not like to eat.

As always, a big thanks to Dave Singfield for his
leadership, mentor-ship and support.
The time trial league is something special and Dave’s
coverage of that is par-excellence.

I am looking forward to 2020 and I can feel that some good
things are ahead.
Keep your eyes open and your wheels on the road.

All the best to everyone for your holiday season,


AGM/Awards Night November 29 2019

Not much time left.

Please let Dave know your dinner choice.

If you wish to run for a position (Three elected positions are President, Secretary and Treasurer.) please let Dave S know.
Member at large, Ride Coordinator, Membership, Communications are some of the spots that need to be filled.These are non elected positions and you will be profusely welcomed.


Parking for today’s ride leader fundamentals is at the rear of the building. Easiest entry is Weatabix entrance from D’arcy st.Enter the building through the cycle transitions entrance of old.

Ride Leader Fundamentals Today

Don’t forget today is ride leader fundamentals day.
Nice crisp day today, if you don’t like the cold why not plan to spend a few hours with us? Can’t hurt…. maybe it will save someone from some hurt.
Grab a coffee, bring a snack if you like. Pen and some paper to keep your thoughts in order.

Ride Leader Fundamentals (Update from Greg)

Hi Everyone, This is just short reminder to everyone about the open training session this Saturday, November 16. Though titled Ride Leader training, it really is the basic fundamentals of group riding. There are a number of presentations to go through and we will likely need the full three hours. Just in case I talk a little too long, we have some wiggle room at the end. I will bring some water and juice and snacks – if you want something specific, you better bring it along. I am really looking forward to seeing everybody come out – it should be worth a view laughs too. Greg

Nominations to Board of Directors

This is the call for Nominations to the Board of Directors.
The Cobourg Cycling Club Board of Directors consists of:

President — Greg Cushing
Vice President — Empty
Secretary — Harold Kuschnick
Treasurer — Janet Baitley
Ride Coordinator — Empty
Communications Director — James Barnes — Available
Membership — Cory Watts

Member(s) at Large —

Brent Aquino
Glenn Finlay
Roberto Almeida
Peter Hennesy
James Barnes
Members may nominate themselves or other members to any position on the Board of Directors with the consent of the nominee in order to be accepted for consideration during the elections.

If anyone would like to help with the direction of the club this is the best time to step up. Self nomination, nomination or voulunteering as a member at large is a great way to find your place on the Board.

The term is one year. The workload is approximately 1 hour per month during active months.

Attendance is very flexible. A meeting missed here and there is not detrimental to the function of the club.

The commitment is small, the feelings of accomplishment large…. well sometimes we basically don’t do too much but a lot still gets done.

If anyone has an interest in any of these positions please contact me or Dave and let us know before the AGM.

Ride Leader Fundamentals

Please take note that this Cobourg Cycling Club sponsored
event will be held at the former Cycle Transitions site.
This venue is now called Venture 13 on Darcy Street.
There is a lecture theater for us to use.

November 16 2019
Start is 11 AM with plan to go to 2 pm.

Expect three presentations and some demonstrations.
Bring your own note keeping tools.
Those that want to bring a bike may do so and if time
permits we will use these in demos.

Finally, as it will be a Club function, any OCA member can

Ride Leader Training All Members

The CCC is planning to hold ride leader training for all members on November 16, 11am-2pm. This training is for all members. From this training you will learn what is expected of ride leaders and what ride leaders are to expect from riders.
This will make club rides more cohesive and much more safe.
Good lessons to have in your safety arsenal. Musch of this will also be of use when not riding with a club.
Please let the CCC know if you intend to attend. Training materials and class seating will need to be organized according to class size.


2018 Time Trial Series Results

   # of
1Andre Gotthelf1969
2James Barnes18714
3Adrian Greenwood17810
4Gord Plue17012
5Matt Hunter1255
6Scott Sexsmith1116
7Glen Finlay11014
8Sharon Lynn-Weese756
9Tom Herd695
10Greg Cushing653
11Jessica Fraser-Thomas647
12Steve Allan452
13Peter Hennessy333
14Tara Wilson224
15Jillian Thomas213
16TJ Adams161
17Franco Buratti161
18Raff Melito113
19Annabelle Poort31

Total of 17 time trials.

The most participants were 11 and this happened 3 times.

Plans for the Presqu’ile Pursuit ride.

Sunday October 6 We will meet 10:30 am at the Gate to Presqu’ile Park. Joanne has created a gentle on the legs 60 km ride. This will be at a nice pace, a chatty pace. Presqu’ile ride course

The Whistling Duck restaurant is the chosen place for something to eat after the ride. We will be informing the restaurant that we will be bringing 8-12 patrons. More riders can be accommodated if someone would like to sign up late but I will be phoning on Wednesday morning.

Friday or Saturday a weather forecast will be posted but dress warmer than normal as your output will be relaxed.

See you there.

Northumberland Nasty (so far)

 This is a large… overly large collection of photos from the Northumberland Nasty course(s) over the years. (Follow the link click the three dots in the upper right corner, you will find button to play a slideshow.)

Peter Hennessy designed the course. a few went for a ride, maybe a little too hard the first time, someone said that was nasty, the rest is… Well you decide.