Hilly TT Results

Posn Name Grafton to Centerton
1 Bruce Raymer 16.24
2 Franco Buratti 19.38
3 Greg Cushing 19.52
4 James Barnes 21.31
5 Andre Gotthelf 23.02
6 Harold Kuschnik 23.25
7 Gord Plue 24.37
8 Darryll Styles 27.24
Time Keeper Dave Singfield
Assistant Dave Naish

James Barnes


For tonight’s Hilly TT, Environment Canada says wind 20kph, gusts to 40kph on your back all the way.

Don’t forget your Toonie. 

Don’t forget a Toonie for Max and his Dad. 

Meet at the Car Pool lot at the gate to the MTO yard for your numbers.

Sunset will be at 8:56 pm…. lots of time to get home.

From the President

Hi All

Thanks to everybody that made it out tonight!

Here is an up to date report on the Thursday night club rides.

The rides are now called The Bun Run.

We have been enjoying a good turnout.

Each week we get one or two more out.

Tonight we had 11 riders.

In fact, the pace was good enough to run out of route early.

We are continuing to develop the group riding skills needed for elevated pace rides.

In that context, we are developing a route that will handle the pace and a large group of riders.

The ride is intended to be hard paced but so far we have been keeping the group together.

That will evolve as the rides get more developed.

Advice here is – learn the route and know your way home.

Overall it appears that everybody is finding some benefit to the rides.

It would be well advised to make sure that new attendees come prepared.

We had two flats tonight, so make sure that you have tools and spares for your wheels.

Also, with the hotter weather, please make sure that you are hydrated before you come out.

If you are new to a group ride like this, you may find it hard to drink enough while riding all out.

June starts now.

The longest day of the year is just a few weeks away.

With that in mind, we hope to see you out more as the rides heat up.

Enjoy a fabulous weekend.

If you are racing – best of luck.

If you are not, please keep the rubber side down.

All righty then…..See you on the roads.