Kevin Raper Registration

Don’t forget to let Dave know your intentions regarding the Kevin Raper TT. (I am only the messenger boy)
I will check with Dave a 4 this afternoon and let everyone know the verdict after then.As of last night, only 4 people had shown interest. That wouldn’t be much of a race.
Check back this evening.

James Barnes

TT Marshals needed

The CCC Tuesday Night TT is in need of some marshals. Due to other commitments some of our stalwarts we will be down to two. 

Would you like some sun? Some camaraderie? These events are as much social as they are competitive. 

If you haven been to a club event lately this may be enough to rejuvenate some enthusiasm.

Either respond here or send Dave an email.

Thank you.

Tuesday night TT returns to Archer Road

Let’s get back at this.

After a couple of weeks without time trials it is time to get back on track.

The Archer’s road course is back in working order. Please pay attention as there may be some sand on the road. 

The chance of rain will be very slim tomorrow. At this time the wind has been predicted to be of no influence on our ride.

A perfect night to run the TT hard for a fitness comparison. Speeds should be up and enthusiasm will likely be at a peak. Two weeks off is too much.

See you there. bring some water, bring your toonie smiles are offered in return.

Tuesday sweeps

The Cobourg Cycling Club is asking for volunteers to help clean up the Corner at Archer’s road and Lakeshore Road.

Some good stiff brooms and a little elbow grease should get this done. 

Heeeeey!!!! Does anyone have a leaf blower?

If you are able to help please respond here or even better respond on the club’s facebook page. Many hands/brooms will make light work of this.


Illustration of a boy sweeping the dirt on a white background