Thursday Night Group/Tempo/whatever it is ride.

The CCC Thursday night group ride will soon be winding down. This week the sun sets at 7:27 pm. That really only leaves time for a ride of 1 hr ride leaving 15 minutes  +/-  leeway time. 

Tonight would be a great night to test the waters if you haven’t been out on a Thursday ride. A group of people who more or less know each other going out for a spirited ride for an hour. It is nowhere close to as hard as your brain is telling you. Not once have I heard of someone being dropped…. OK maybe up the hills or on a well-known segment but the group always waits at the next corner or hill-top.

Come on out enjoy a short ride with your friends. Smiles are pretty much a guarantee.

6pm Meet at the Mass parking lot at the Diamond Head Industrial building at 210 Willmott St. 

Tuesday night TT

This could be out last TT of the year. Hurricane Florence (or what is left of her) will have a hard time to make it this far north but she may still influence next weeks weather.
Daylight is also in short supply. The ride home may be on the dark(ish) side.

Bruce is out of commission for a couple of weeks. This is a good chance for the big guns to close the gap. Racin’ is racin’.

Come on out and set your mark. Spend some time with the club.

James Barnes

Tuesday Night World Time Trial Standings

As of 2018-09-04

GOLD Points # of Rides
Bruce Raymer 200 8
Greg Cushing 90 5
Dennis Poort 114 6
Craig Doucett 40 2
Tim Doris 20 1
Pete Hennesey 16 1
Brent Aquino 0 0
Tony Jacques 0 0

SILVER Points # of Rides
Adrian Greenwood 261 11
Jamie Barnes 223 13
Gord Plue 173 12
Tom Herd 114 7
Mike Jaques 58 3
Franco Burrata 60 3
TJ Adams 25 1
Janet Baitley 20 1
Steve Allan 13 1
Gord Ley 25 1
Alwin Reid 0 0
Steve Timpson 0 0
Ian McKelvey 0 0

BRONZE Points # of Rides
Glenn F 235 11
Stewart Richardson 175 9
Jessica Fraser-Thomas 141 6
Harold Kuschnik 75 3
Jana Jamniky 0 0
Corey Watt 0 0

NOVICE Points # of Rides
Andre Gotthelf 218 10
Tara Wilson 125 6
Darryll Styles 68 4
Jillian Thomas 84 5
Roberto Almeida 78 4
Raff Melito 65 4
Scott Sexsmith 25 1
Martin MacDonald 0 0

Only Three Time Trials Left

The time trials are down to the last strokes. Time to wring a little more out of our legs and lungs. Time to set your mark for the year, a time to better last year and set the time to beat next year. 

Hey maybe you can catch the bike you have chasing all season.

See you there. Tuesday night. Dressed in your best. Pointy helmet, sausage suit, funny little booties.

Go fast!