New Club kit design.

Ian has spent a lot of his riding time this year working on new jerseys and kit for the CCC. Read his message below. Take a look at the new design and let him know if you are interested. 

“Hey everyone, here is the design for our new kits https://cloud.louisgarneau.com/index.php/s/hUNkXAHd5awswlc

if you are interested in ordering one please email i.mckelvey@hotmail.com so we can get an approximate number to give to Garneau.  This amount will affect the price so I can’t provide those details yet.  We will arrange to have samples for sizing as well”




For tonight’s Hilly TT, Environment Canada says wind 20kph, gusts to 40kph on your back all the way.

Don’t forget your Toonie. 

Don’t forget a Toonie for Max and his Dad. 

Meet at the Car Pool lot at the gate to the MTO yard for your numbers.

Sunset will be at 8:56 pm…. lots of time to get home.